Sant Antoni De Calonge

Flats in Sant Antoni de Calonge – Bellamar Flats

Starting at 230.000 €
63-100 m2

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Edifici Llevantí, the new real estate development of the company Espígul, stands as an architectural gem in Sant Antoni de Calonge, a charming town on the Costa Brava. This apartment building offers a unique opportunity to live just 2 minutes walk from the area’s idyllic beaches.

With a modern and minimalist design, this promotion stands out for its high quality and sustainability. The apartments, which vary from 2 to 4 bedrooms, are designed to provide a comfortable and contemporary living experience. Each unit includes private parking and storage, guaranteeing comfort and additional space.

The highlight of this exclusive offer is the community pool, a perfect space to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Residents will be able to enjoy a lifestyle close to nature, as well as an easy connection to the beach and local amenities.

Sant Antoni de Calonge, with its rich history and culture, offers a peaceful and welcoming environment. In addition, the privileged location on the Costa Brava gives residents access to stunning landscapes, hidden coves and a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Espígul, the real estate company responsible for this project, is distinguished by its excellence in construction and commitment to quality. With a consolidated reputation, Espígul has been leading innovative projects that harmonize with the environment and satisfy the needs of its customers.

With the Llevantí Building, Espígul offers a unique opportunity to live in a first-class environment on the Costa Brava, with a perfect combination of comfort, sustainable lifestyle and immediate access to the beach. It is more than a house; it is an investment in a future of quality and well-being.

  • Store room
  • Garden
  • Community pool

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