Tendències decoració 2024
December 2, 2023

Decorate your home with new decorating trends 2024

Today we want to tell you how to renew your home with the latest trends in decoration this 2024. In the exciting world of interior design, 2024 promises to be a year full of innovation and style. How can you transform your home by following the latest trends in decoration? Here are the keys to…

November 23, 2023

Is it mandatory to register if you are renting?

Today we will talk about the obligation to register to be rented, which is a question that many tenants consider: Is it mandatory to register if you are renting? This is one of the confusing questions for many people living in flats and rental houses.  Keep reading that we will explain the reasons, benefits and…

November 21, 2023

How to Avoid Humidity at Home

Humidity at home can become an annoying and harmful problem if not addressed properly. Today we tell you the most effective formulas on how to avoid humidity at home, providing practical solutions to maintain a healthy environment and free of problems related to humidity. What Is Humidity at Home and Why Should You Worry? Humidity…

November 9, 2023

How can I know the value of my home?

Appraising a home is a crucial process for those who want to know the exact value of their property. Whether you’re considering selling your home, applying for a mortgage loan, or just want to know how much your home is worth.    Knowing what a home appraisal involves and how you can find out…

November 2, 2023

Luxury Home: 2024 Building Trends

Surely you have ever dreamed of having a luxury home with the latest trends in interior design. In this post, we invite you to let yourself be carried away on a trip where you can discover the latest trends in the construction of luxury homes for the year 2024.  From aspects of architectural innovation, cutting-edge…

October 26, 2023

Save Money and Customize Your Home

What would it be like to buy a home that perfectly suits your dreams? What if I told you that this is possible with the purchase of a house on plans in Girona? First of all we want to tell you the benefits of buying on plans and how payments are structured in this process…

October 20, 2023

The importance of knowing the difference between useful and constructed meters

If you are here, it is because you are embarking on an exciting adventure: buying a house or apartment. One of the crucial aspects before choosing the house or floor of your dreams is to understand the difference between useful and constructed meters. Don’t worry, we are here to clear up all your doubts with…

October 11, 2023

Sustainable construction is present in our Espígul Houses and apartment promotions

Sustainable construction has become an essential aspect in the building sector. It not only contributes to the care of the environment, but also offers economic and social benefits. In this article, we will tell you the key aspects of sustainable and efficient construction focusing on how a home and apartment builder can embrace this philosophy….

October 5, 2023

Home alarms: the best alternative to increase security in your home

Home safety is an aspect that cannot be overlooked in any housing type. Our home is a place where we store our most valuable belongings and shelter ourselves with our loved ones, is why the installation of alarms for the home has become one of the best alternatives to increase the degree of protection in…

canvi climàtic
September 28, 2023

How can you fight climate change from home?

Climate change is a phenomenon that is increasingly present and, given its increasingly significant impact and consequences, action is needed to mitigate its effects. So to help you combat climate change from home, here are some tips What steps can you take to combat climate change from home? Improve your energy consumption habits The main…

assegurança habitatge
September 21, 2023

Benefits of Home Insurance Liability Coverage for Your New Home

At present, having a home insurance is a wise investment, especially if you are a homeowner, since this type of policy offers protection against a range of risks, from fires to damage caused by natural disasters.  Among the most common coverages of these insurances, it should be noted the civil liability, a guarantee that acts…

oficina casa teletreball
September 14, 2023

How to create a home office to telework

We can already say that telework has become a fundamental part of our working lives. Having a well-organized and functional home office is essential to increase productivity and maintain a balance between work and personal life. That’s why if you don’t already have a space at home to telework, today we share the key tips…