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Following trends to decorate or build a house is all very well, but as the years go by that terrazzo floor, the famous gotelé of the walls, the extremely colourful kitchens and bathrooms, and many other elements, become obsolete and make your home look much older and lose the value it had at the beginning. 

When building or decorating your home, you should consider two options: let yourself be carried away by the trends and surely have to make reforms later or follow a more neutral style and therefore more suitable as the years go by. 


Imagine a very cold winter day and being able to decide from your smartphone what time to turn on the heating to get there and keep the house warm.

Or being on your way to work and remembering that you left the kitchen lights on and being able to turn them off in the distance.

Imagine on a Sunday morning, from your bed, being able to turn on the radio and make coffee just with your voice. 



We want it all now, because we are always late, because time is running out and we don't get to everything.

Just like when it comes to selling your flat. If it's in a week, better than in two. Because let's not fool ourselves, we are dying to enjoy our future home as soon as possible.


Do you have a rented flat in a university town?

Have you considered renting it to students?

If you have a flat available, you can take advantage of the opportunity to rent it to students and make a profit. This is a good option if you want to earn an income and have the flat available easily.


After searching and searching you have finally found it, the house that has everything you need, the perfect candidate to be your new home. At this point you must be patient, you are making a decision that will surely impact the next thirty years of your life and you must consider all options before choosing such a large investment.

The first thing you have to consider is not to make the arrangements quickly and run. Understanding what you are signing, comparing different types of mortgage and preventing possible risks are your weapons in choosing the best mortgage for you.


Getting the house of your dreams, whether buying or renting, is a challenge. There are many steps to be completed before you have the keys to your future home, but when you get it... you still have to move!

At Espígul Real Estate we want the whole process of buying or renting a home to be as easy and convenient as possible, including moving in.


The constant increase in rental prices in the different Catalan towns in recent years is not news. What is news is the new law that came into force last September 22nd, this law regulates and freezes rental prices in more than 60 municipalities in Catalonia.

If you live in a rented flat or are thinking of renting a flat in Girona or in any of the 59 municipalities involved, you should know everything this law implies and what benefits it may have for tenants.


The real estate market is in constant flux. There is always movement in buying and selling property but it is not as easy as it may seem. If you have decided to sell your house, you have to know all the advantages that a real estate agency offers you in the management of the sale.

Selling a property is much more than taking four photos of the house and placing an advertisement. There are many factors you need to know before embarking on the whole process. Letting a professional in the sector advise you is an option you should consider before selling your flat.


Girona is a beautiful city. It offers us marvellous charms such as its imposing cathedral, the Eiffel bridge or "les Peixateries Velles" (the most famous red bridge), the charming "Barri Vell" with its narrow streets where you can get lost or the famous houses on the Onyar river.

Even so, there is a clear tendency to seek residence in villages near the city. The outskirts of Girona provide us with all the basic comforts that a city can offer and also other characteristics that may interest us.


September always means a month of change. We change the holidays for new beginnings and a return to routine, we change the sun and the beach for shorter days and leaves that crunch on the ground, the terraces and beers in the sun become afternoons of film and popcorn. In short, we change seasons and go from summer to autumn almost without realising it. 

These changes affect all aspects of our lives, including our homes. Changes at home are always good, for example, to renew the air with new decoration or to condition the house for the arrival of the cold. 


After spending a long time locked up at home we have been able to rest and enjoy our homes. But we have also had time to notice all those small (or big) details that we don't like or that during our busy day to day, we didn't give the importance that it deserves.

We are sure that in more than one house, during this confinement, we have experienced situations such as: one working in the kitchen and the other in the dining room, seeing how the bill for supplies goes up, not having an adequate space for the children to play, and surely the one that has been most noticed... Not having the terrace fixed!


Where do you imagine yourself living for the next 40-50 years? This is a key question to ask before buying a home. The home that will become your home for the next few years.

If you are very clear about your needs and want a house that can offer you freedom, privacy and space or, in other words, a house that allows you to fulfill your dreams and expectations in terms of quality of life, your best option is a tailor-made house.


f you ask us what we like best about summer, we know for sure: the days are longer, the drinks are colder, there are holidays and of course, the swims in the pool!

If you are thinking of buying a house with a pool or installing one in your home, keep reading this post to see all the advantages of a pool at home.


During the last few years, the purchase of second-hand apartments and houses has been the usual practice among people who wanted to buy a home. After the massive construction of houses and the subsequent brick and economic crisis, the real estate market was saturated and newly built flats were left aside.

This cycle is now breaking down to make way for a new trend: new-build flats. The purchase of flats to be renovated or the purchase of "turnkey" flats are left behind and the purchase of off-plan flats is welcomed.


A home can mean many things to a person. It's that feeling of comfort after a stressful day. It's calm early in the morning when everyone is asleep. It's the laughter at dinner and the sound of "chin chin" celebrating all that is to come. It's the security of having a place to come back to.

But it is also true that four walls do not always mean "home". For us it is very valuable to be able to find all those walls that do. Buying a home is a decision that is always accompanied by many doubts. One of the most frequent questions before making the purchase is what is better, to buy a house or a flat?


Buying a new flat is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. To start a new project with all the illusion and at the same time to confront the doubts that arise to buy a house. One of the most common questions that arise is: buying an old flat and reforming it or better buying a new flat with all the finishes done?

The second dilemma that arises is the location of where to buy the flat; is it located close to the centre for the convenience of having all the services nearby or is it better to look for a property in a nearby town to have more peace of mind?

These are questions that have surely crossed your mind, because when you want to buy a flat, many factors have to be taken into account before making the final decision.


In science fiction films we have always been presented with the future with large buildings and infrastructures made of metal materials, flying cars and virtual reality glasses. In real life, we realize that this future can end up destroying our planet and we have to start making more environmentally friendly constructions.


Summer is coming and with it the expected vacation. It is normal to make some trips or go away for a few days away from the usual residence to disconnect from the routine. Leaving the house alone means having to think about some aspects so as not to have any surprises during your break.

Before you leave, it is important to make sure you check security aspects, which involve protecting our home, and organization aspects, such as cleaning and taking care of supplies and appliances. From Espígul Real Estate we leave you some tips for the home to take into account before

  • The formula for keeping your home cool during hot weather

When the heat comes it is always unexpected and spending many hours in the house becomes quite unbearable. The discomfort appears during the night, if you don't have a terrace, garden or balcony to have dinner in the fresh air. Also, you can have insomnia some nights and accumulate the tiredness along with the routine of day to day.

Then comes the big question: installing air conditioning to keep the house cool or getting through the summer without air conditioning so you don't panic when the electricity bill arrives.

At Immo Espígul we have the perfect formula that is based on three essential pillars to keep in mind in order to keep your house or apartment at a pleasant temperature with the changes of temperature.


It is common that after a few years in the same house day by day we are thinking about how to improve the rooms to get more practical, cozy and modern spaces.

Maybe the kitchen has become too small and you have realized that it is where you spend more time. Or some badly used corner could become a large wardrobe perfect for keeping all your clothes or objects tidy. Or the family grows up and you need another bathroom and maybe you can incorporate one into a corner.

The passage of time brings changes and it is normal that the needs of our home also change.


With the arrival of good weather and longer days the desire to spend more hours outdoors increases. If you have a balcony or terrace now is the time to prepare the space to enjoy summer dinners in the fresh air, sunbathe with a good book in hand or simply a perfect space to relax and disconnect. 


Given the current situation, a general cleaning and hygienic conditions are essential in order to reduce the chances of infection. The virus can be deposited on the surfaces of utensils and inhabited spaces, where it can survive for a time. Now that the decontamination phases are approaching, this is when we need to consider the cleaning of our spaces the most.