What is the price of keeping an empty house?

March 5, 2020

Maintaining an empty house involves a number of monthly expenses, which is a considerable amount by the end of the year. The mere fact that the home is empty does not free up the payment of taxes, mandatory payments and / or minimum consumption.

Here are some of the expenses that can be incurred annually:

  • If the property is not yet fully owned by you, you can still pay a loan to the bank. The mortgage is the first expense to take into account.
  • Maintenance involves more serious repairs. The lack of use and the neglect of the elements of the house invoice if not at least a minimum maintenance.
  • Water, electricity and gas supplies, if you decide to sign up, also have a minimal cost.
  • Even if the apartment is empty, the community of neighbors must continue to pay. In addition to paying the monthly payments of, for example: the elevator, the cleaning or the porter, if there is an unforeseen event that affects all the owners, an extra spill will have to be paid.
  • Home insurance is not required. However, it is recommended to hire one with minimal services.
  • And in this case, as a property owner, a tax on real estate must be paid. IBI is calculated based on the cadastral value.

The total approximate cost of maintaining an annual empty house is more than 2,000 euros. Disused housing has little or no benefit: it ends up aging much faster than an inhabited house, has no economic benefits and is an expense.

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