Welcome to 2021!

December 30, 2020

The confinement forced us to stop, and consequently gave us something very valuable that we always lacked before: time. Time to devote to our loved ones, to think about all the things we wanted to change about our lives and houses and also to improve all the things that were not right for us. 

This year has been special for Inmobiliaria Espígul. A year of adaptation, struggle and growth. So… Let’s do a little review of our year!

In March we had to adapt and innovate with the virtual office (blessed technology!) The whole team continued to work online under this new concept. Our consultants were closer than ever to all the clients by means of video calls and we were able to continue showing properties with the virtual tour system.

We also launched a new service to sell your property quickly, safely and satisfactorily: Espígul ehome. A new concept of real estate adapted 100% to the digital environment and to the new needs of the owners. In short, ehome tries to manage the whole process of selling your home completely online and with one of our advisors in a personalized way. 

From this year with Inmobiliaria Espígul you can have a new house made to measure from only 140,000 euros. The new project of Cases Espígul seeks to enable you to have your house fully customised in just 8 months, with an efficient architecture and top quality design finishes. Our objective? To make your dream house come true. 

At Espígul Real Estate, we are also a construction company and we are especially proud of the start of two developments of newly-constructed flats: the Can Gruart development in Vilablareix and the Vila de Fornells development in Fornells de la Selva, among other projects. 

In short, good things can come out of bad things and we are left with all the good things that this year has given us. We continue to work with great enthusiasm so that this 2021 is as good as possible and we continue to learn and value everything we have. 

We want to wish you all a good start to the year and a happy and prosperous 2021!

To finish, a small reflection: It is curious that, even being far away, we feel closer than ever. 

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