Tips to close the summer house

September 6, 2019

Once the beautiful and long-awaited summer vacations have finished, return home and leave the apartment on the beach or the mountain cottage. But how do you do it because next year you do not have to worry about anything?

Although at the end of the last vacation you think is to clean and order, it is important that you do it before you return home. Clean the house, sweep and rub the floors, organize the kitchen and do not forget the windows. We know that at the end of the holiday it does not look like it, but it is worth it because dirt does not accumulate and not have to do it when you are eager to start the holidays next year.

Remember to close the key of the water, the gas and lower the leads for light and electricity. This helps make last-minute mistakes not expensive or any problem that may arise during the season that does not use the house may disappear.

Leave collecting and insuring things from the outside, such as chairs, parasols or awnings, decorations or pots. The weather can turn against you with wind and rain and leave without your own terrace or garden.

Do not leave valuable things in a home that you will not visit in a long time, you do not know what can happen and better that there is only one scare and no major damages should be regretted.

So, even if you are weaned, with these little tips, you can now leave your summer home closed for a long season with the only concern of when to take a vacation again.

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