The utility that you surely did not know about your plants

October 24, 2019

Almost everyone has home-grown plants, in all shapes and sizes. Each one has plants for different reasons … Today we tell you about several utilities and functions of the plants you have at home.

  • In summer or in periods of very sun and heat, large trees serve to shade the house and keep it a little cooler than it would be if you were giving the sun full. Aurons, Poplars or Chestnuts are good options.
  • The trees and plants that are close to you clean the air and oxygenate the environment. They also maintain the healthy environment and even isolate themselves from outside noise, all this is a great help to the cities.
  • Aromatic plants are also a good option to plant and be able to profit. There are many varieties of aromatic plants and various functions (such as cooking or medicine).
  • Also the interior plants give a touch of cheerful and natural decoration. They can be used as decorative elements and even without having to take care of them (if it is the case with artificial plants). Cacti and other plants that need little water and not much light are perfect for the interior.
  • The fruit trees or the plants that give fruit give much life to our home / terrace / garden. Apart from being beautiful, they bear fruit that we can use for their own consumption.

At Espígul we are in favor of using plants wherever possible, to give a more natural touch to our lives.

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