The most unusual buildings in the world

April 9, 2020

All over the world there are buildings that stand out more than others. Each of the buildings below will have one characteristic in common: an object for reference. Neither the creativity nor the architectural capacity that has been developed during the history of humanity is questioned with the constructions that we can find.

In this blog we show you what they are and where you can find the 3 most unusual buildings in the world.

Tea museum

Meitan, China

De visita por los museos del té del mundo - Medievo GranadaThe Meitan Tea Museum is shaped like a giant red kettle. Beside him another cup-shaped building accompanies him to complete the set. It is 74 meters high and 24 meters in diameter. As a curiosity, it holds the Guinness World Record for “the largest teapot-shaped monument in the world”. These constructions refer to the feeling of pride of this community that they have towards their tea crops, since they claim to be the cradle of the cultivation of this plant.

Basket Building

Ohio, EE.UU

This original construction is shaped like a wooden basket. It has a base of 59 x 38 meters expanding to 63 x 43 meters on the roof. It is the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. The founder of the offices, devised this construction based on his best-selling product, the picnic basket.

Nautilus house

Ciudad de México, México

The house is inspired by the sea. Its shape is inspired by the shells of the nautilus. Unlike the other two constructions, the Nautilus House is designed both outside and inside with the same concept. The construction was the work of the Mexican architect Javier Senosiain. It could be considered to be within the movement known as organic architecture and also within the mix between contemporary and modern architecture.


From a museum, offices, to a private home. The creativity of architecture can give our streets, towns or cities a special touch that only an unusual construction can do.

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