The keys to teleworking comfortably in a reduced space

February 2, 2023

Working from home is already part of a new reality. In fact, we can say that we live in a new world where teleworking has been implemented as a routine and official in our lives; It is not a temporary situation but a way of life.

This situation can be a luxury but it can also be unpleasant. if the space we have to work is reduced. Therefore, here are some tips to facilitate the harmony of your home between work and daily life.

  • Create a fixed space in our house as a work area

If we have space problems, this can be difficult but, nevertheless, it is more than possible to do it.

It is important to build a home office that is well-structured, beautiful, and one that you enjoy working in while increasing your productivity. It must be a fixed space in which you do not have to remove all your notebooks, pens and the computer every time you finish working because your work area is the living room table or the kitchen counter.

  • Invest in a good chair

We will spend many hours sitting in the same position, so it is important to prioritize and invest in a good office chair.

The ideal is to use an ergonomic chair that supports the lower back well, allows the entire back to be supported well and with which the feet reach the ground well; this way we will avoid back problems. In addition, it is crucial that it also appeals to us aesthetically, since in this way we will feel more comfortable due to the general computing and harmony of the space in which we telework.

Choosing a comfortable chair, in addition to being essential for health, also increases productivity.

  • Natural light and a high point of light

The ideal would be to be able to have natural light in our workspace and, if possible, place the table as close as possible to a window.

However, if this is not possible or for the afternoon hours when there is no more natural light, it is advisable to have a high point of light, which is aimed at the work table and another in detail, which is fixed on the computer, the folio or whatever we handle.

  • A clean and organized space

To be productive it is necessary to feel comfortable. For this reason, it is essential that the space that we allocate to teleworking is clean, tidy and organized.

We can apply a cleaning routine every time we finish the working day, since in this way dirt will not accumulate and it will be easy and quick to have everything clean. In addition, it is key to have everything well placed and to distinguish between the necessary and unnecessary elements to occupy the work table.

  • The rule of 3 to organize papers

Other tip of organization has to do with papers. Although every time we tend to digitize all documents, if you have to work with paper, it is important to keep in mind the rule of 3.

We have to ask ourselves this question: if we had to throw away all the papers, what would you beg not to throw? The answer to this question will be the action taken. That is, we will only leave the papers that we really need. To organize them, we will choose to organize them in 3 different folders:

  1. One with the papers that have to be kept yes or yes.
  2. Another with important papers but with an expiration date (insurance, contracts, etc.) and that will have to be reviewed annually.
  3. A third with the papers that are needed now. This is classified into two different sections: one with the things that have to be done with a very close date (and that should always be kept empty) and another with the things that have to be done little by little.

  • Have no wires in sight

Order transmits peace and clear spaces, too. That is why it is recommended, although it is not always easy with electronic devices, to try to organize the cables around us with cable glands or cable organizers.

If we cannot order and organize them correctly, we always have the option of covering them with boxes, baskets, etc.

  • Aromas for teleworking

Another detail beyond the aesthetics and functionality of the space, is to work the 5 senses to make teleworking more pleasant. That involves both choosing background music that helps us focus and choosing a relaxing scent.

It is essential that we start teleworking while being calm and relaxed, for this a good aroma and relaxation practices such as yoga or good relaxing music are essential aspects.

From Espígul, we hope that this post has served and helped you to be able to telework comfortably in confined spaces and, with this, improve your productivity and work activity.

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