Simple, functional and easy ideas to have your terrace ready for summer

June 3, 2020

Here are some simple proposals, functions and very easy to leave ready the terrace for this summer. 

1.- Pull, tidy and clean

If we know the first step is the most boring and probably the least entertaining but it is important to throw away everything you have on your terrace that you will no longer use. For those nostalgic people who find it difficult to throw things away, we propose to put into practice the Konmari method by the Japanese Mari Kondo, which we explain in the following post by Marie Kondo and her Konmari method

If there is something that needs to be repaired, such as a chair that moves a little, or repainting the walls, even furniture that may have lost color over the winter. The process of checking the furniture and doing some do-it-yourself touches can be a very conscious and relaxing activity.

A good cleaning of all the memories of the terrace is the best option to leave it ready for the next step, the decoration.

2. The furniture and all its charm.

A table and a couple of chairs cannot be missing from your terrace. Wood and wicker can be perfect to create a more rustic space. If not there are options of different colors and sizes of metal to create fresher and more youthful environments.

A resource if you have little space is to put a pallet on the floor and complement them with different cushions of shapes and sizes. You can get a more ethnic touch with shades of brown, black and beige.

3.- Green cannot be missing from a terrace.

Flowers and plants bring a lot of life to the terrace or balcony. It is advisable to set aside a space to add a touch of green and colour to bring vitality and harmony.

  • Fruit trees are a good option to have outside. They bring a touch of greenery and you can always pick one fruit or another. A lemon tree or a tangerine can bear fruit very easily. Can you imagine a touch of yellow or orange in some corner of your terrace?

  • Geraniums are a classic because they are in bloom all summer long. They can also grow very easily and show colourful, large and very beautiful flowers.

  • If your terrace is more humid and does not have many hours of sunshine you can have a fern or the rib of adam. Their greenness and shape will create a very special atmosphere.

  • Aromatic plants, mostly easy to maintain and their aromas will perfume the whole terrace. Besides, they can always be a good resource to spice up a dish at the table.

If you have a balcony and do not have much space, consider installing vertical planters or hanging them on the railing.

4.- Magic atmosphere with the lighting

Summer dinners and after-dinner drinks are a classic when the good weather arrives and the days are longer. For this reason, thinking about how you will light your terrace is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Lighting cables in different colours are ideal for bringing warmth to the night. Nowadays there are solar or leds that are super favorable options for energy saving and a good sustainable proposal.

  • Putting candles of different sizes in a corner of the terrace will give you more space and a more intimate atmosphere. Also, you can put the candles inside lanterns and give it a more magical touch. In addition, they are very useful decorative elements to scare away the mosquitoes, in case you use candles with citronella aroma, for example.

  • If you want to place a light bulb or outdoor lamps on the wall the most important thing is to look for the points of light, and that will be the determining factor in deciding which is the most convenient option.

Espígul Real Estate and Construction Company is committed to homes with a terrace, balcony or gardens in the case of the ground floors of our buildings. The exterior spaces are just as important as in the rest of the rooms in the home.

Having an outdoor space in your home is key to enjoying fresh air, having a good time outdoors and especially if you have children it will become an idyllic place to play.

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