Shared energy self-consumption, solar panels

September 15, 2022

Savings, energy freedom and being part of a more sustainable world are the common denominators when it comes to making the switch. Until now, however, this has not been easy, as it was only possible when living in a single-family house. Fortunately, thanks to increasing demand, it is now possible to install solar panels in a block of flats.


Who has to process and manage it?

It must be done by the Community of Owners, all the owners of the same community have a legal relationship with statutes decided by themselves according to the Horizontal Property Law.

It is likely that not all neighbours want to install solar panels, in which case if the energy use is exclusively for the contracting parties’ homes, the approval of ⅓ of the owners will be necessary. On the other hand, if the use of the solar panels is if for dwellings, and in addition, for common or general areas, the dwellings required for approval are ⅔ of the neighbours.


How does energy sharing work?

Perhaps not all the neighbours will agree with the installation of solar panels, therefore, only a certain number of neighbours will have access to this energy and it is therefore necessary to determine in a meeting how this energy will be distributed among them.

The fact of living in a community with different types of housing means that an equitable distribution of the energy generated has to be taken into account.

 Normally, the energy is shared equally, but sometimes larger dwellings have a higher consumption.

How is energy measured and how does it affect the bill?

The energy generated is measured with a meter and then divided among the beneficiaries according to the sharing agreement they have reached. This generated energy is subtracted from the energy consumed during the same hour, i.e. the energy you consume during that hour will be covered by the part of energy produced during that hour according to the part assigned in the distribution. In the event that the energy produced covers the energy consumed, the company must reflect this in the bill.


At Espígul we are committed to the environment and sustainability, and one of the pillars on which we build is energy efficiency, which is why we install panels in the new developments of flats and houses we build.

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