Rent, rights and obligations you have to consider

August 8, 2018

The rental of homes is on the rise. The main reason? The access to flats in property has been complicated after the crisis. Banks rarely finance 100% of the value of the property (percentage that, in many cases, is needed). These aspects make many of us opt for the lease.

If you are looking for a flat for rent, surely, here you will find answers to many previous questions that may be very useful.

Before signing a rental agreement

  • Inspect the house thoroughly. Carried by the illusion of having found the ideal home, we can ignore details that, later, can take our toll. Check thoroughly the state of the floor we want to rent is essential. Check the proper functioning of appliances, damage to walls, floors, screens, etc. So they can not claim us, later, nothing.
  • Ownership of supplies. Light, water and gas must go to the tenant’s name. It is important to know if the supplies are discharged and, simply, it is appropriate to make a change of ownership (which, in most cases, is free). Otherwise, the new highs have a cost that we must contemplate.
  • Lease Law. After the change in this law, it is important to know that contracts are now signed for a period of one year, extendable to three. Although the particular conditions may vary depending on what is agreed between both parties.
  • Default insurance. That the owner wants to make insurance of this type does not mean that he distrusts us. Faced with the bank guarantees or the infinite bonds that were requested in the past, these insurance companies only seek to justify some income with which to face the rental fee.
  • Negotiation of the rent and duration with the owner. As we mentioned before, one thing is what the Law of Leases sets and another is what we agree, directly, with the landlord. The rental price and its duration will have to be clear before signing the contract.


As tenants, we are obliged to the minimum payment of a deposit, to the monthly payment of the rent (the most convenient thing is to give a permanent order to the bank), not to sublet the house, to leave it in the same conditions in which we find it after the rescission of the contract, to carry out all the repairs derived from the misuse by the tenant or to respect the norms of the community.

Having all these concepts clear will help us not to make any mistakes with which we have to charge during the entire duration of the contract.

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