Is investing in a garage seat profitable?

June 20, 2019

Buying a garage seat can be a profitable investment if the triem bé. There is a strong demand and no need for a large contribution of money. All in all, it is important to value the pros and cons:


  • There are less and less parking areas for free.
  • In large cities the town halls encourage the use of public transport and bicycles and it is for this reason that in recent years the number of cycle and bus lanes has increased and parking places have been reduced.
  • There are many people who care about the welfare of your vehicle and have a roof where you can protect it from thefts and bad weather.
  • Garage places can be purchased for a low price and allow you to invest without having to get into debt.


  • All garantee places need maintenance. The price of the maintenance can oscillate quarterly between 50-80 euros, and is paid to the community.
  • We must contemplate that spills that could directly affect the profitability of the square can be accepted. Also, if you are only the owner of the parking lot, you are likely to have little decision-making power.
  • Also, the Property and Property Tax must be taken into account and depending on the city council the rubbish rate. This last rate may be collected along with the IBI or separately. The price ranges between 150-200 euros per year.

At Espígul we have garage spaces for rent and sale, come to our offices and advise so much if you want to buy one as if you plan to place your place for rent or sale. We wait for you!

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