How to sell your home effectively: colour psychology and imagery

September 2, 2021

Colour psychology

Colour is a very important factor when preparing a house for sale. The first impression can make a buyer fall in love or discard it at first sight. It is in this case where colour plays a very important role, as it can generate all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative.

What is the best colour to sell a house? White

When you think about choosing colours to sell your house, you have to avoid falling into fashions or personal tastes. You may find a bottle green wall very elegant, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else shares this thinking.

To seduce the majority of buyers, you have to opt for neutral tones because it generates less rejection.

White may seem like a boring colour, but it has a strong influence on the purchase of a home. White is a colour that transmits hygiene, it is a colour that reflects light and therefore makes rooms appear larger. Finally, it is a colour that allows the future buyer to easily imagine what their life would be like in the house they are visiting.

Alternatives to white

If you prefer to avoid white, light colours are your alternative. Greys provide luminosity and have an elegant and sophisticated connotation.

Beige, ivory or light brown tones bring warmth. They are colours that invite calm and relaxation, therefore they are perfect for rooms such as the bedroom.

If you don’t want to give up colour in any way, the main advice is to use it in accessories or textiles. They will add the touch you are looking for and give personality to the room without overwhelming the buyers.

Try to avoid colours that are too dark, as they can have a negative psychological impact on buyers.

The importance of real estate photos

It is just as important the quality as what we show in a picture. Real estate photos are a way of communicating with potential buyers. They are the perfect opportunity to explain what the property we want to sell is like.

And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whether you have a new, renovated or old house. The photos of the property for sale or rent communicate many things and very quickly. If you take care of the images you publish of your property you will provoke positive reactions, which means more interest from your target audience and more visits.

Staging is based on depersonalising the property to give it neutrality and thus attract many more potential buyers. Organised, comfortable, clean and well-lit spaces are created, creating an atmosphere that facilitates a positive decision by the potential buyer.

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