How to make the visit to your apartment a success

January 20, 2022

The visits are one of the key steps to formalize the sale, it is the moment when buyers get the idea of whether they see themselves living there and if it suits their needs.

Why is it important to show the house well?

  • Because it is during the visits that the decision to buy is made.
  • Because preparing the home can increase the selling price.
  • Because designing a good strategy to show the house reduces the selling time.

All these advantages are only fulfilled if the visit is a success and in today’s post we will talk about tips to organize a visit to sell your apartment successfully.

How to organize a visit to sell your apartment

  1. Plan your visits: Reserve some hours of the week or weekend to show the property, so that the interested person can adapt to it. Try to choose hours with natural light so that the house looks more beautiful and luminous.
  2. Try to keep the house clean and tidy: As we have said, first impressions count a lot. Try to achieve a pleasant and cozy atmosphere to be able to transmit security to the interested parties.
  3. Prepare a small tour of your home during the visit: Welcome the interested parties cordially, show them each room with special emphasis on the advantages. You can also take the opportunity to share any experience you have had in the house.
  4. Conclude the visit: Interested parties may want to talk numbers. Try to do this at the end of the visit; after they see the home. If they are not contacted after a week of viewing the apartment, try calling or texting them to find out if they are really interested.
  5. Follow up with potential buyers: After the visit it is important to give the interested parties space, and yourself, to analyze the proposals.

3 tips to make the visit to your apartment a success

On the first visit to your apartment, you should get the most out of it.

Decoration and personal items. If you have an excess of decorative or personal items such as family photos, children’s handicrafts, souvenirs of your trips… it is 100% advisable to remove them so that visitors are not distracted by these details. Prospective buyers should imagine themselves living in your apartment or house, so one of the most important aspects is not to have references of the previous owners.

Good lighting. Check that all the sockets and light bulbs in the house work. Light plays a very important role in small rooms helping to increase the perception of the size of the room. We recommend at least 60W of power in most rooms except in some corners where you can place a warmer ambient light making the space more cozy.

Clean and tidy thoroughly! Do not forget the most difficult corners such as behind the refrigerator, tile joints especially in the bathroom and kitchen. The most inaccessible shelves too, often visitors want to see as many storage spaces as possible. Therefore, they may ask to move furniture, open cabinets and look into every nook and cranny. Having the inside of cabinets and shelves tidy can help you a lot and a lot! You never know what furniture your prospective buyer will ask to move.

If you want to know everything you need to prepare to sell your house quickly, don’t miss this post.

Covid-19 Time Visits

A couple of years ago that everything has changed and if something has taught us this time and this pandemic is to adapt and be more creative. To take advantage of the resources we have to be able to continue doing what we have always done.

Virtual tours or 360º videos allow us to show the house remotely to sell it. Thus, anyone from anywhere in the world can tour our property without leaving the couch.

In fact, in Inmobiliaria Espígul, in the middle of the pandemic, we opened the Espígul Ehome service. A new concept of real estate that adapts to the digital environment and the new needs of the owners.

If you want to sell or rent your apartment quickly and efficiently, do not hesitate to contact us at or you can call us at 972 220 110.

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