How to light a house without windows?

September 12, 2019

You do not always have the luck to live in a house with lots of natural light or with all rooms with windows to the outside. That is why today, we help you with some tips to illuminate the interior spaces of your homes that receive little light.

  • Make the spaces of the house as open as possible. The fewer doors and partitions there are, the more light some rooms receive. Failing that, placing transparent interior doors or windows will also do the same function.
  • Have light colored interiors. White walls or pale colors, for example, and also light furniture help the cabin to receive more brightness and take better advantage of the light.
  • Mirrors also help to give a feeling of more light to the space. Besides, they also give a feeling of greater breadth.
  • Placing plants in some areas of the house or room, is the key to a little lively atmosphere, since they provide color and appearance of exterior.

Do not discard homes with poor natural light or with rooms without windows. Although you may find very closed spaces, with these tips you will get a fresh and cozy space.

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