How to keep the house cool during hot weather beyond the dilemma of installing air conditioning or no air conditioning

July 7, 2020

Below we detail the three essential aspects that make up our formula.

1. Simple and cheap advice based on your change of routine to get a cool house during the summer

  • Cooling and ventilation

In order to have a well ventilated house, it is advisable to do so early in the morning or at night because these are the times of day when the air is coolest. Take advantage of these hours to leave the windows and doors of the house open to let the air circulate between the rooms and cool the whole floor or house. If you can leave opposite windows open you will help create drafts that help ventilate the spaces without letting in too much heat.

  • Limit hot spots

When we talk about hot spots we mean appliances and lights. Espígul Real Estate recommends turning off all electrical appliances such as computers, televisions and radios that you do not use. It is not useful to leave them on or connected, as even if they are not active, they are always sources of electrical heat that help to heat the rooms. Also, being a builder when we make new homes or make reforms we insist on using Led light so that incandescent bulbs come to spend 90% of the energy they generate so if you go to the led light and low consumption will be a trick to reduce heat sources and save at the same time. Finally, make the most of the hours of sunshine to avoid having the lights on, because of their sources that generate heat.

Ah! the oven is totally forbidden, it is the classic but it is the main source of heat.

  • Windows and blinds lowered

Closing windows and lowering blinds during the middle of the day is an essential technique to prevent heat from entering the house. Although you may feel that you are leaving the window open and lowering the blinds, the heat is still coming in. You’ll see, try it!

  • The coolest plants in your house

Filling the house with large green plants helps to keep the environment cool if you have outdoor spaces, the plants that climb up the walls behave as insulation making them a natural barrier to keep out the heat.

  • Terrace, balcony or garden can be your salvation

If your house has an outdoor space it can become the best setting to stop the cool every afternoon. One piece of advice is to refresh the outside surface that borders your house in this way helps to keep the inside cooler.


  • Pay attention to the fabrics in your home

Yes, the soft white fabrics are cooler. Without a doubt, there is no cooler and more hygienic fabric than linen for bedding or upholstery. Also, wearing cotton clothes can help us to be cooler and not feel hot. We recommend avoiding synthetic fibres.

2. Make sustainable and rational use of air conditioning

The big dilemma, to install the air conditioning or to try to survive the hot seasons without air conditioning.

  • Homes with air conditioning

We are committed to air-conditioning, always using it in a sustainable way. For example, it is not recommended that a home is cooled only by running the air conditioning for many hours. It is important to turn on the air conditioning at the hottest peaks and at a certain period combined with the ventilation of the spaces during the night or early morning.

Remember that the ideal temperature of a home is 20 degrees so as not to notice any contrast with the outside.

  • Homes without air conditioning

Fans are a great help but it is also important to know how to use them correctly to optimize their operation.

Ceiling fans help to move and circulate the air in a room whenever they are turned to the left. If we have vertical fans we must place strategies in the house so that during the day they expel the hot air towards the outside and during the night they attract the cooler air towards the inside.

  • Mix of the two previous points

The best formula is to combine the two previous points in this way you can favour the ventilation of the rooms collaborating in a more sustainable way to keep the house cool and with a more cyclical and natural ventilation.

3. Aïllmanet correct home materials

  • Double glazed windows

If you can value making a reform of your house it is the moment to think with the windows and to opt for models with double crystal to isolate the changes of temperature in addition to the noise. The blinds should close properly to ensure that during the main hours of sunshine the openings are well insulated.

  • Double and insulated walls

Both the floor and the ceiling are points where temperature escapes and at the same time they are also points of entry for heat. Investing in thermal material and making a correct installation turn your home into a passive house that favours the environment thanks to the energy saving and your economy.

  • Floors and ceiling

Both the floor and the ceiling are points where temperature escapes and at the same time they are also points of entry for heat. Investing in thermal material and making a correct installation turn your home into a passive house that favours the environment thanks to the energy saving and your economy.

Did you know that Espígul also builds customised passive houses? In addition, we always build with passive values in our projects, both houses and buildings, thanks to our team of architects who are always looking to integrate the latest trends in order to reduce the impact of humans and our behaviour on the environment.

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