How to decorate the outdoor space of your home?

May 19, 2022

The furniture that must be taken into account when it comes to giving life to the outside of our homes are:

  • Sofas, armchairs and outdoor benches: There are many styles of outdoor sofas, but what you always have to take into account is the material, both the support and the pillows. It has to be a material that can withstand different weather conditions. If you want to opt for a more economical option, you can build a sofa by stacking pallets or make one with wooden planks. On the other hand, if you think a sofa will take up too much space, you can always opt for armchairs or even cantilevered benches, i.e. benches that come out of the wall.

  • Outdoor tables: If you have a garden or a larger patio, setting up a table is a great idea. This way you can have outdoor meals and celebrations to enjoy the summer days in company. In addition, if space allows, you can also install a barbecue to enjoy summer gatherings. If you think that a large table is too ostentatious, you can place a smaller table with two chairs or a coffee table.

  • Pergolas or awnings: For larger spaces with harsh lighting due to the sun, you can consider the option of incorporating pergolas or awnings. They provide privacy and shade, aspects to take into account especially in summer, when we spend more time outdoors. Another positive point of these elements is that they will allow you to enjoy the outdoor space of your house even when it rains. Depending on the material, the price will be more or less expensive. For example, pergolas or awnings made of synthetic materials are usually cheaper.

  • Lighting: It will depend on the luminosity you want to achieve. There is a great variety of options to take into account. You can opt for candles, garlands of lights, outdoor lamps, street lamps… In addition, you can choose warm or cooler lights, depending on the touch you want to add to the space.

  • Artificial grass or wooden decking: This option is perfect for adding a natural touch and color to apartments with terraces and houses with smaller gardens. Since it is artificial, it requires no maintenance. You can also decide to install a wooden floor with outdoor decking, thus giving a different touch to the outdoor space. These are perfect for the summer, since they withstand humidity and heat.

  • Flowers and plants: They bring color, freshness and nature to any space. There are many options that can help you to give it the aesthetics you are looking for. Flowers and plants can be natural or artificial. In the event that you choose natural ones, keep in mind that these have to be suitable for the high summer temperatures.

  • Decoration: It is very important to create a space of your style. You can consider carpets, decorative objects, pillows… Textiles, in general, are perfect to decorate with little budget.

  • Folding furniture: They are a very good option to be able to move them easily. In this way, you can use them when you need them and take them out when you want to have a more dynamic space.

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