Guide to decorating your home with plants

September 23, 2021


The kitchen is a good place to have aromatic plants. They have a double function: they serve as decoration and also for cooking your favourite dishes. Aromatic plants have multiple benefits both for the house and for you.

Dining room

The room of plants par excellence. If you have pets, remember to choose species that are not toxic (we will talk about this later). The possibilities are endless, you just have to take into account basic aspects such as the amount of light or ventilation that each plant needs.

A new format that is very trendy is to create vertical gardens on a wall, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the space you have. 


It has always been said that having plants in the bedroom is not recommended, but nowadays we know that this is nothing more than a myth. Having a reasonable amount of plants in the bedroom is even beneficial. 

You can put them hanging from the bed or in jars or baskets in the corners of the room that you use the least.


Traditionally, having plants in the washroom is not very common. It tends to be a space with little light and the most humidity in the house. But luckily, there are species that prefer these environments such as Selaginella or Aspidistra. They are very beautiful plants that need little attention, perfect for this room.

You can try placing larger pots on the floor, hang them on the wall or if they are small, put them on the shelves. If you want a more daring deco tip: try hanging them in the shower or bathtub to awaken a wild tone.

5 plants to have indoors

Like everything else, when you are a beginner in a subject, you don’t know where to start. The world of plants can sometimes be very complicated, but you can make it easier by choosing the right plants.

  • Kentia. They need medium to bright light and water weekly. They have been given space because they can grow up to 3 metres. 
  • Castiron plant. Ideal for those who easily forget to water plants, it only needs water every ten days. It is a dark green leafy plant and quite lush. 
  • Sansevieria or snake plant. It is a plant that everyone likes, it has sharp leaves and can survive in extreme conditions, therefore it requires little water and light. 
  • Montstera. the most fashionable plant is also easy to care for! It has beautiful leaves and is easy to repot. It doesn’t require a lot of light, but it does like humidity.

Pet-friendly plants: ideal for those with furry companions

Plants and animals are a totally compatible combination. With a few simple steps you can make it possible for them to live together in the same room:

  1. Choose plants that are not toxic for your animals.
  2. Educate your animal for the inclusion of the ‘new member’ (yes, we mean the plant). You can reward it for good behaviour with a treat or toy.
  3. Try to make it difficult for the animal to access the plant.

If you don’t have any plants at home yet, it’s a good time to start: find the plant that best suits the characteristics of your home and take the plunge, you’ll see it’s addictive!

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