January 13, 2022

A sustainable building has to meet the five ‘pes’:

People, i.e. quality of life and well-being.

Prosperity, through local and fair economic development.

Planet, the protection of our environment.

Peace, promoting harmony and harmony.

Pact, the involvement and commitment of all for all.

These parameters can be measured by taking into account where the building is located, its indoor environmental quality (air, light, sound, comfort), resource management (energy, water, materials), social integration (accessibility, training, communication) and its technical quality (monitoring, documentation, maintenance).

The basics of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction or green building uses non-toxic, ethical and sustainable materials that respect the environment and people. Sustainable construction is based on building a house that is efficient in its use of resources: 

  • Opting for the installation or use of renewable energy wherever feasible.
  • Making efficient and responsible use of energy, water and other resources needed for the construction of the house.
  • Minimise waste and costs. 

Sustainable construction is related to a sustainable lifestyle. There is no point in having an energy-efficient house that runs on renewable energy if we do not recycle waste or buy single-use plastics afterwards. If you want to know what habits you can change to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, don’t miss this post

Why opt for sustainable construction?

  • For the planet. Climate change is a reality and the planet cannot continue to endure the current rate of degradation. Efficient buildings are one of the best opportunities we have to reverse climate change. We can drastically reduce energy, water and resource consumption in a cost-effective way. By changing the way we build and the way we live, we can save the planet.
  • Quality of life. Sustainable houses contain no toxic materials, maintain the right temperature, are well ventilated and well lit. Everything you need to live with an optimal quality of life.
  • Savings. Because efficiency means savings. Sustainable housing is much more economical in the medium and long term. The increase in the initial cost is much lower than the savings obtained. 

Efficient architecture: Espígul’s construction

At Espígul, our basis for building new homes or any refurbishment is efficient architecture. We follow criteria for maximum efficiency, favouring the rational use of energy, while at the same time taking care of the environment, quality and indoor climate comfort. 

Therefore, our architectural design process incorporates design parameters that reduce the energy demand of the building and improve the comfort of the interior spaces.

This, in our view, does not have to be achieved with sophisticated machinery, but with the passive design of the building itself adapted to the climate in which it is located. It does not require different products or materials than traditional construction, it is simply a matter of optimising existing resources to maximise solar gains in the winter period and solar protection to prevent overheating in summer. 

At Espígul we have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and construction sector. We have carried out numerous new construction projects in the province of Girona, from blocks of flats (multi-family dwellings) to houses (single-family dwellings) and luxury villas at the PGA Catalunya Resort.

If you have any questions you can contact us at or call us on 972 220 110 and we will explain more about efficient and sustainable construction.

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