Tips for garden and terrace 10/10

August 15, 2019

In summer, the decoration is important, especially the garden and the terrace that we use it to relax, both in the day and in the evenings of heat, with friends or relatives. At Espígul we leave some ideas to decorate it of 10.

1. Wood, wicker, bamboo with fibers.
This year predominates wood decoration along with natural fibers and metal touches with decorative elements of copper or cement.

2. Real estate
The iron and steel decorative elements continue to be the 2019 tendency of outdoor spaces. In addition, they are resistant materials to the meteorological factor and over time.

3. Color
Color is key to giving vitality and feeling of well-being in our garden.

4. Trips
Adding pillows to the space is a recommendation to create warmth for the environment when guests come.

Nature is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when decorating the garden or terrace. If you have a large space, you can choose to put on the lawn, since it provides freshness and is very nice to see.

Another factor to give more atmosphere and warmth to your garden or terrace is the parquet. Together with the lawn it gives a cozy feeling.

7. Stone areas
The stone paths combined with the garden bring a great value that convey peace of mind and are aesthetically charming.

8. Plants
Plants give an essential touch to our garden or terrace are the most appropriate decoration, as they bring warmth and peace in space.

Good lighting changes all the space and atmosphere of your terrace or garden. Garlands and candles are a great option.

If you have enough space and love to spend time in your garden, water fountains are a luxury and mini-bars create a trend during the summer.

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