Everything you need to know to have a safe home

February 3, 2021

From Immobiliaria Espígul we want to give you some recommendations to have a safe home in all areas. 

Secure and reinforce doors and windows.

This point is crucial both to prevent domestic accidents and to avoid an unfortunate burglary. 

Most intrusions take place through the front door of the home. A gesture as simple as always locking your front doors can make it much more difficult for unwanted persons to enter your home and remember not to leave any keys in the lock. Opt for a door with more than one locking point for even more security.

In the case of windows, we must be especially careful if we live on ground floors or low floors, as they could be more easily forced or someone could suffer an unexpected fall.

  • You can choose to install bars or security grilles. 
  • For special care with children, you can put safety stops to block the movement of the window. 
  • Blinds can be an occasional safety feature, although it is not advisable to use them alone as such. 

Be very careful with children and the elderly.

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to domestic accidents. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to small details such as: 

  • Keep toxic products out of their reach.
  • Use rotating plugs to protect them from possible electric shocks.
  • Keep the floor clear and avoid slippery surfaces to prevent falls. 
  • As mentioned above, take special care with windows.
  • Watch out for lighters and matches, also if there are any elements such as candles or cookers. 

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. 

These two rooms are some of the areas of the house that are most at risk of having a domestic accident.

  • For the kitchen

It is important to have a smoke detector to avoid fires and to have a fire extinguisher. It is advisable to have a ceramic hob and if you have a gas cooker, take extreme care and always remember to turn off the stopcock. 

  • For the bathroom

To avoid falls, it is advisable to have a non-slip element in the bathtub or shower tray. Also remember to keep any electrical appliances plugged in or in use away from the water. 

Also remember to have emergency and/or family numbers at hand and a first aid kit with all the necessary elements for first aid.

Appearances do matter

Making it look like your home is inhabited is one of the best ways to ward off potential burglars. Keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Do not leave valuables or money inside the house.
  • Use timers to program the lights/blinds opening and simulate that there is movement in the house.
  • Avoid posting real-time photos if you go on holiday on social media. 
  • Have someone who can pick up the mail and check from time to time that everything is correct. 

Install a security system

Every precaution is too little, therefore it is advisable to have a security system such as alarms, video surveillance systems, access control… to further maximise security in the home and to feel safe even if you are not in the home. 

Espígul is your trusted real estate agent in Girona, we look after the wellbeing of our clients and to protect and look after their homes. If you want a house with all the security measures you can contact us at hola@espigul.com or call us on 972 220 110 and we will assess the best option for you and your family. 

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