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September 8, 2022

If you are thinking of leaving the city behind and opting for a house, now is the time to make the change, to opt for another lifestyle, to wake up in the morning and not hear the noise of the city, to prepare yourself with a good coffee and go out into the garden to have breakfast before starting the hectic pace of everyday life, to sit on the sofa and see the green outside, to light the fireplace in winter while watching your children play and hide in every corner of the house.

At Inmobiliaria Espígul we work every day to make your dream home a reality. Tell us about your project, your needs and thanks to our great team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience who will work for you, we will make sure that all your thoughts and dreams come true and you will be able to live in your own home in the blink of an eye.

We will take care of everything and we will be by your side throughout the whole process. We will advise you from the beginning so that you have no surprises, so that your dreams come true and make this process a pleasure and not a headache. All in record time.

What are our houses like?

Houses with simple and minimalist lines, with large windows to create very bright spaces.

Each plot has its own particularities such as orientation, topography, etc. and it is necessary to adapt the house to the environment. Last but not least the needs of our client, our basis for starting the design. Today’s materials give the possibility of a very natural design.

We follow criteria for maximum efficiency, favouring the rational use of energy, while at the same time taking care of the environment, quality and indoor climate comfort. Therefore, the architectural design process must incorporate design parameters that reduce the energy demand of the building and improve the comfort of the interior spaces. This, by not requiring different products or materials than traditional construction, simply involves the optimisation of existing resources through passive techniques, such as the correct orientation of windows to maximise solar gains in the winter period and solar shading to prevent overheating in the summer.

Type of houses:


Farigola House

Ideal for those making the move from a flat to a house or for those looking for more space and a private garden for their home. An elegant home with large spaces and a high standard of finish. The Farigola house will allow you to enjoy your home with controlled costs and as always, with insulation and energy savings at the forefront.

From 140.000 €.

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Romero House

A leap in quality of life and space. The Romero house is the company’s flagship and best-selling model. If you want your future home to have large spaces, natural openings with lots of light and high quality finishes, this is the house for you. And if you want to give it that special touch that will make it unique, let us advise you with an interior design study so that it adapts 100% to your lifestyle.

From 225.000 €.

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Caléndula House

Another level for those who are looking for something more than a conventional home. The Caléndula house is a sober model, with a large floor space and an underground floor that can be used as a multi-purpose space (garage, party room, storage room, etc.). All this, as always, with the hallmark of the house: great energy efficiency so that you can worry about what really matters to you and not about utility costs.

From 320.000 €.

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Lavand House

The jewel in the crown and the best-seller of PGA Catalunya Resort. Everything you want and more in a house, your dream home now within your reach. A house that is 100% configurable and adapted to your needs: whether you are a couple or a large family. Luxury finishes with a large terrace/garden to enjoy the sunsets outdoors next to your private pool. Your whim, made reality.

Price on request

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Our construction company is a reference and guarantee within the construction sector, a solvency that we have earned throughout these 30 years of history based on the work and constant effort of our great team.

We have carried out numerous new construction projects in the province of Girona, from blocks of flats (multi-family dwellings) to houses (single-family dwellings) and luxury villas at the PGA Catalunya Resort.


It’s time to make the change with Espígul, contact us!

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