Constructora Espígul already has a website

October 17, 2019

A few weeks ago we announced through our social networks the opening of the website of the Constructora Espígul.

The construction company is a fundamental pillar in our group and that is why we wanted to make it an exclusive website to show everything we do.

  • Reforms to flats, houses, premises or industrial buildings. The process begins with the design of 3D plans. Espígul specialists commission from the beginning to the implementation and monitoring of the reform. The work team is multidisciplinary with experience in the sector that adapts to each client.
  • Rehabilitation of buildings, premises and homes. This service includes from a technical-legal advice. The needs and possibilities of the project are evaluated to carry it out and carry out the work. The commitment to customers includes the objective of Constructora Espígul: to comply with guarantees of quality, price and delivery times.
  • In Girona, numerous new construction projects have been carried out. We have accumulated experience in building with quality finishes for 30 years. A block of flats and single-family homes works with the best materials in the sector to achieve excellence and innovate in construction.

If you want to know everything we have underway, in Espígul’s social networks you will find the projects carried out and all that remain to be done. And, for more information, contact us at, at 972 220 110 or fill out the form that we leave here.

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