Christmas ideas to decorate your home this 2022

December 1, 2022

First of all, something that must be taken into account is that Christmas decoration is something personal, in which the decorative tastes of each one influence. This is one of the most special things about decorating our home at Christmas: personalization and distinction, thus creating a unique atmosphere.

Now yes, take a look at everything we tell you below and flood your home with Christmas spirit, let’s start!

  • Tree Christmas

Big, small, rustic, modern, minimalist, traditional, green or coloured. If there is something that can never be missing from Christmas decorations, it is a well-decorated tree.

Do not forget to cover the foot of the tree, the balls, garlands and lights, but above all do not forget the star that crowns it. If you have children or pets at home, you will have to think carefully about where you are going to place it to avoid incidents.

  • Pamper the hall

The hall is the first thing that both you and your family and guests see, so you will have to take into account even the smallest detail. Take advantage of it to achieve a Christmas effect as soon as you enter the house.

You can place the nativity scene, if you are one of those who follow the tradition, some candles and even a small tree.

  • Make a beautiful centerpiece for the table Centerpieces

are a great resource both for decorating any table at home and for dressing up the table for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

We give you two tips that will help you design a balanced and elegant centerpiece: the first trick is the repetition of elements, for example many pineapples, several balls or various candles. The second is to have a common thread, that is, a characteristic or theme that unifies the composition, such as sharing a style, color or material.

  • Presence of stars and crowns

They are usually the decorative accessories that stand out the most at Christmas. Far from going out of style or being forgotten, for yet another year they are still present in Christmas decorations.

  • Holly and mistletoe

These really are a classic. Try placing them in places as diverse as the doors, between the branches of the tree, on the napkins on the table, on top of a photo frame or attached to the kitchen calendar, you’ll see how good they look!

  • Traditional details

It is very good and positive to want to innovate, but Christmas is Christmas and, therefore, we must also include those Christmas details that our parents or grandparents have instilled in us since we were little, such as Christmas stockings.

  • Christmas crafts

Crafts are closely linked to Christmas decoration. And it is that all those handmade details provide a special charm. You can buy them at the traditional Christmas markets or even make your own. There are very simple Christmas crafts perfect to do as a family with which you will enjoy both young and old.

  • Good lighting

Part of the merit to achieve a warm, homely and magical atmosphere lies in the lighting.

In addition to the garlands of lights, you have other possibilities to fill any room with light and Christmas magic, such as candles. You can put one, many of different heights, make a center with them, group them on a tray, place them at the ends of the stairs, put them in a lantern or even decorate them.

Now that you have some other idea to decorate your home for Christmas, get down to work to create a magical and unique atmosphere, just as we try in each of our constructions.

From Espígul we wish you happy holidays.

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