Cases Espígul: Your tailor-made house in 8 months

August 6, 2021

Cases Espígul was born from the need to create a totally customised space, taking into account your tastes and your needs. A project that is yours, but one that you don’t have to worry about. We take care of everything and we will be by your side throughout the whole process.

We will advise you from the very beginning so that you won’t have any surprises.

What characterises a Espígul house?

Your custom-built house in just 8 months: we give shape to your project in record time. Your custom-built house (not modular) in less than a year.

Cutting-edge construction: architecture, interior design and decoration all united in a single company so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Energy saving: we follow criteria for maximum efficiency, favouring the rational use of energy, while taking into account the environment, quality and climatic comfort.

Energy efficiency is our priority, so the architectural design process has to incorporate design parameters that reduce the energy demand of the building and improve the comfort of the interior spaces.

How do we work?


You will meet with your personal advisor, who will be the person who will guide and accompany you throughout the process of building and customising your new home, always at your disposal. In this meeting, we will focus mainly on the location and type of house to make a project tailored to your needs.

Your advisor will transmit this information to our works department, where the architect and quantity surveyor will begin to design your new home.

Start of work

While you finish outlining the details of the project side by side with your personal advisor and with the direct involvement of the architect, we begin to advance the work and carry out the geotechnical and topographical study to get to know the plot in depth and to be able to get the best possible performance. At this stage you get your closed budget and the date of delivery of your house.

Construction and interior design

Your new house is now in the construction phase and it is time to add that personal touch that will make your house unique. Your personal consultant and our interior designer will recommend a wide range of finishes and provide you with the latest ideas and concepts to make your new home look like no other.

Completion and handover

The big day is approaching and to avoid the stressful moments of dealing with documentation, licenses, permits, etc. your personal advisor will be in charge of simplifying all this work, guiding you and dealing with all the necessary administrative elements so that you and your loved ones do not have to worry about anything and enjoy this great moment: the opening of your new home in a relaxed and well-deserved way.

Options of Espígul Houses

FARIGOLA HOUSE from 140.00€. An ideal house for those who want to make a change from flat to house and for those who are looking for more space and a private garden. It has a total of 100m2 with the possibility of 3 or 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

ROMANÍ HOUSE from 215.000€. This house is a leap in quality of life and space. It is our star model and our best seller. The Romaní house has a total surface area of 200m2 with 160m2 of living space plus 35m2 of double garage. It is distributed in 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

CALÈNDULA HOUSE from 320.000€. Ideal for those looking for a house different from a conventional home. The house has a total surface area of 300m2: 200m2 of living space plus 100m2 underground with garage (ideal as a multi-purpose space: garage, party room, storage room…). It has a structure of 4 or 5 bedrooms and the possibility of 3 or 4 bathrooms.

LAVENDER HOUSE – PRICE ON REQUEST. The jewel in the crown of our Espígul Houses (this is the model we built at the PGA Catalunya Resort). A house 100% configurable and adapted to your needs. The house has a surface area of over 400m2 and is 100% customisable.

At Immobiliaria Espígul we work to make your idea come true. Contact us at or call us on 972 220 110 and tell us about your project and your needs. Our entire team will carry out the project quickly and easily so that you can have the home you have always dreamed of.

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