Building permits, everything you need to know

December 23, 2021

Wanting to make reforms at home is very common, with the passage of time the styles of decoration and our needs at home are changing. So it is common to want to make changes, for example, after the pandemic of Covid-19, there has been an increase in home renovations, if you want to know more, do not miss this post.

In Espígul Real Estate we can make any type of reform: flooring, tiles, furniture, faucets, lights, paint, awnings, pool, alarm, aerothermal … in Espígul we take care of everything.

In today’s post we talk about what a building permit is, when it must be requested and the types of building permits there are.

The building permits are a procedure that is carried out at the town hall. Specifically in the department of urbanism. The building permit entitles you to carry out minor or major works depending on their degree of simplicity or complexity.

In Spain, you need to apply for a building permit to guarantee both the safety of all the people involved in the works, as well as compliance with current regulations. Similarly, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the building in which the renovation or construction project will be carried out.

That is to say, any intervention you wish to carry out in your home requires a building permit. The magnitude or scope of this work will determine the type of building permit to request.

Type of building permits

Obviously, not all building works are the same, nor do they all affect the safety of a home or property in the same way. There are two types of building permits:

  1. Major building permit (also known as building permit, building permit or planning permission).
  2. Minor building permit (also known as a “comunicación previa de obra menor” or “comunicación previa de obra menor”).

Major building permit

To apply for a major construction permit, you must submit a project/performance report, a plan and a budget. They are considered major works:

  • Works of new plant.
  • Works that involve a change of use of the property (for example, if we convert a commercial premises into a dwelling or the other way around).
  • Works that affect the height or volume of a building (eliminating partition walls, joining private apartments by means of stairs, etc.).
  • Works that modify the structure of the building.
  • Works that modify the common elements of the buildings (closing in communal terraces, works in garages, etc.).
  • Works related to fire protection.
  • Rehabilitations.

Works of minor license

The works of minor license are the authorization to carry out small-scale interventions. They are characterized by their technical simplicity or their reduced price. They are reforms that do not modify the structure of the building, although the permissions do not put limits as far as the scope of action is concerned.

If you need to carry out a minor work in your house, you will have to request one in the following cases:

  • The replacement of coverings, both on floors and walls.
  • The installation of exterior carpentry on balconies, terraces, etc.
  • The suppression of elements that suppose architectural barriers.
  • The change of doors and windows.
  • The installations of air conditioning and heating.
  • Installations of sanitation, prospecting, etc.

What happens if I make a work without license?

The license is obligatory when we make a reform or a rehabilitation. If you make a work without license you can receive a denunciation of your city council. The fine for carrying out a work without a license can go from 600€ to 6.000€, although it depends on the legislation of each municipality. As a general rule, this fine will not be less than 2% of the value of the work.

In Espígul we are a construction company and we have the capacity and experience to carry out small reforms in a room of your house as a promotion of new construction of apartments or houses. We have carried out numerous new construction projects in the province of Girona, from blocks of apartments (multi-family homes) to houses (single-family homes) and luxury villas in the PGA Catalunya Resort, without forgetting the reforms and interior design projects.

If you are thinking of doing works, contact us at or call us at 972 220 110 and tell us about your project and needs. Our entire team will take care of carrying out the project in a quick and easy way so you can have the home you have always dreamed of.

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