7 tips to make the visit of your property a success

January 19, 2023

Guaranteeing a successful visit must be a priority in the day to day of the real estate agent, despite the fact that sometimes it is not entirely easy to do. That is why, from Espígul, we offer you 7 tips so that visits to a property are a complete success.

  • Show and give a good image

As has been said before, the first impression is very important for the client and, therefore, we must give an appropriate image to the circumstances of the moment.

At the time of the visit, we must be punctual, to transmit professionalism and seriousness.

  • Know the product

In the same way that happens with anything we want to sell, the most important thing is always to know the product, in this case the property.

It is vital to know everything that stands out, what we should promote or leave in the background and even avoid, everything that surrounds the house, even housing documentation.

  • Depersonalize and highlight strengths

If everything goes well, during the visit, your buyers will imagine the apartment as they would like to fix it as soon as they have the keys. Since each person is different, the best way to make it easy for them is by removing all those personal details that give the floor a touch.

you have to keep it neutral, in shades of white and beige or equivalent colors.

  • Brightness

Lighting plays a very important role when choosing a home or not. In fact, this is one of the most valued characteristics by the vast majority of people.

If your property has a lot of natural light, do not hesitate to raise all the blinds, open the windows and also turn on all the lights.

  • Cleaning

It is obvious that, to sell or rent a home, one of the premises is that it is clean. Imagine wanting to buy or rent a house and seeing the dirty floor, marks on the windows or dust everywhere.

We must avoid any of these situations, because otherwise, our objective of selling or renting will be clearly diminished.

  • Decoration

Without too much character, it’s good add some details to give the house a little more life.

Textiles on beds and sofas convey comfort. Plants enliven the hall and help us imagine spending the afternoon on the terrace or outside. Serving the table is also very useful and if the apartment is small, place some mirrors that make us feel that we have wide and comfortable spaces.

  • Avoid possible unforeseen events

Any unforeseen event can affect the visit and, therefore, we believe it is necessary to make a list of possible things that could happen during that period of time and what we can do to avoid them or, if necessary, solve them

In Espígul we offer you a team of professionals with experience and knowledge to assist you and advise you at the highest level. Contact us, we will be happy to hear from you!

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