7 DIY ideas to decorate your home at Christmas

December 5, 2018

According to the season of the year (summer decoration in other posts) we can change the decoration of our home to adapt the environment to the new temperatures and activities that we do in our home.

If there is a station where the decoration changes to 100%, the appearance and sensations of our homes is Christmas. It is tradition to decorate the home with Christmas motifs. Surely many of you will be habitual this situation:

Sunday afternoon, the family gathered and everything full of old boxes. Garlands, golden balls and the usual green tree begin to come out, you do not even remember when you bought it!

If this year you want to renew the Christmas decoration but without spending too much money we give you 7 DIY ideas to decorate your home in an original and low cost way. We start!

  1. DIY tree It’s about being creative and running away from the typical green tree. You can make your Christmas tree with whasi tapes. You can create the shape that you like and add different colors. It is an economical way and also does not occupy space! Look at these examples
  2. Fake gifts. To decorate the foot of your tree you can create fake gifts. It wraps empty cardboard boxes with colorful papers and ribbons.
  3. Different snowballs. You will need a glass boat, small decorative elements such as pinecones, mini firs, animal figures, stars … and fake snow. Glue the decorative elements inside the lid, add the snow inside the boat and cover it. You already have your own snowball!
  4. Christmas candleholders. Redecorate your usual candleholders by adding decorative elements with Christmas motifs. The pineapple + glitter combination never fails!
  5. Use the branches! Take a walk through the forest and collect all kinds of branches and small branches. Then you can take advantage of them to make a Christmas tree, decorative bouquets, candle holders … If you want a more sophisticated touch, try to paint them in a golden color.
  6. Personalized wrapping paper Give your gifts a more personal touch with wrapping paper made by you. Take a neutral paper and decorate it to your liking. You can put glitter, prints, drawings … Here we give you some examples.
  7. Everyone at the table. A very special detail is to add the names of the whole family on the dinner table. You can use it to assign the seats of each one and you can do it with tweezers, decorative balls, twigs, pineapples …

We hope you like the ideas and enjoy Christmas a lot!

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