7 decorating trends for this autumn

October 1, 2022

In today’s post we’ll share with you the 7 decorative trends for this 2022 autumn so that you can start with a good start and give your home decoration the different look you’re looking for.

We continue with the classics

We go for painted wallpaper, furniture with mottled furniture, and even copper floors and moquettes.

Plants, a must in the decoration of this summer

They bring life and colour to the room and, what’s more, they bring us many benefits for our health. Go for pots, ficus or sansevieria, plants that are eye-catching and very easy to look after.

Contrasting colours

Neutral colours will continue to be the predominant ones, but we will go for touches of powerful colours, such as blues, earthy colours, greens and tones of brown for some decorative elements, such as bowls, chairs, etc.

Minimalist spaces

The less is more, will be the motto of the season, neutral spaces with little visual overload to give warmth and comfort to the space.

Soft and natural textured fabrics

In the afternoon we can’t miss the blankets, the bedspreads and the tasty covers to increase the well-being and comfort.

Natural materials

Accessories made of natural fibres continue to triumph, such as lamps, baskets and mirrors.

Warm and soft lighting

In a cosy living room there can’t be a lack of lighting that makes us feel calm after the hectic pace of everyday life, so this evening we are opting for aromatic spices and small lights.

Now that you have the 7 definitive tips for decorating your home in the afternoon, you can give your home the change you want.

Remember that at our real estate agency we have a team of architects and interior designers who can advise and accompany you in any renovation or decoration process.

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