5 new technologies for home

July 11, 2018

New technologies offer us new tools every day to make our lives easier. And now, at last, they have reached our homes. A specialized real estate agency, like Espígul Real Estate, can tell you the best ways to update your home and enjoy the facilities offered by science.

Smart lights for a house more respectful with the environment

Forget about traditional light bulbs and choose LED lights: they are more ecological and have a longer life expectancy.

But, in addition, you can also synchronize your lighting with other devices and regulate it to your liking. Opt for smart light bulbs that allow you to regulate the intensity according to the time of day or turn on in certain circumstances. So you can start enjoying responsible consumption.

Intelligent thermostats for energy saving.

If in addition to the environment you are also worried about saving, then do not hesitate and get an intelligent thermostat.

As in the case of lights, this type of thermostats allow a completely customized regulation. Thus you can make a more efficient planning of the temperature of your home, depending not only on your needs, but also on time of day and time of year.
Smart and connected cameras

One of the classics of home automation that is getting reinvented is the security cameras. Now you can get much more aesthetic models, without neglecting their practical function.

Do not forget to connect these cameras to a device, such as your personal computer or your mobile phone. In this way you will always have them accessible, wherever you are.

Facial recognition, a step beyond in home security.

But if we talk about security, video surveillance is not our only option. Today there are novel options to prevent unknown persons from entering our home.

One of these systems are those of facial recognition, which only allow entry to people whose face coincides with the one that the device has kept as an inhabitant of the home. Another option is the fingerprint, which is based on the fingerprints of our fingertips. You are unique and unrepeatable, resulting in a complete and reliable system.

Smartphones and home automation: control all your appliances

But if you want to have full control of all the appliances in your home, then you have to connect them to your smartphone.

Today there are applications that allow you to do such a thing. In this way you can choose the temperature of the glass ceramic or the volume of the speakers at any time, only by selecting the appropriate option on the mobile.

Visiting a company with experience, such as Espígul real estate will help you make your life much more comfortable thanks to the advances of new technologies.

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