2018 summary and new purposes for 2019 of Espígul Real Estate

January 10, 2019

For many years we have been dedicated to purchase, sale and rental of all types of properties, generally apartments. In fact, last year and coinciding with the opening of our new store in the heart of Girona, we celebrated 30 years and, without realizing in our crazy day by day, with the entry of this 2019, we will already be 32 years old. These last two years we have continued to improve day by day in order to reach our main objective: excellence.

Along this path, to give the best possible treatment to our customers and friends, we get a series of input that give us strength every day to continue and be even better than the day before. A Google review of a customer very satisfied with the good treatment of Maria, our sales consultant; a spectacular bouquet for Ricard, our rental consultant, for the good management carried out; an invitation for an informal dinner for the fantastic follow-up of the work of our reform consultant, Joan; a box of delicious chocolates for the kindness of the Sílvia, our house sales adviser, or simply a “thank you”, “we appreciate you very much”, “Well done!”, from the mouth of a client towards Xevi, the director commercial, in our offices.

We want to continue being your real estate reference, accompany you and help you in one of the most important aspects you will do in your life, buy your new home. Because for things to flow normally and seem easy, you need someone by your side, every day to ensure that problems do not arise and the process is transparent and without headaches for you.

We wish you the best for this coming 2019 and for the confidence received throughout all this time.
The entire Espígul team!

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