15 Ideas for decorating your home for Christmas

December 11, 2020


Choose a style and follow it throughout the decoration.

To avoid your home being a decoration shop and to achieve visual uniformity in all rooms, we recommend that you choose a colour and use it as the main colour in the best part of the decoration. The most common Christmas colours are: greens and reds, whites, golds or 

The tree cannot be missing.

It is the great protagonist of Christmas decoration. You choose the size according to the space you have at home, but for us it is a key element that cannot be missing. You can decorate it with personalised pendants to give it a more sentimental touch.

It provides extra warmth with lights.

With candles, strip lights, glass jars… any option is good when it comes to lights. You can choose to use different formats and place them in various places around the home, and when you have them all lit it will be a real show!

Original Christmas tree.

Who said that Christmas should be traditional? Be creative and make a different Christmas tree with unusual materials such as garlands, wooden sticks, strips of light… 

Welcome wreaths.

There is no element more representative of Christmas to put in the entrance of your house. Wreaths are a classic that cannot be missed. If you don’t like to be traditional, you can opt for different and original wreaths.

Advent calendar with double function.

Forget the typical chocolate Advent Calendar and incorporate one into your decoration. They are very easy to make and give a very powerful effect to your Christmas decoration. The best thing? The whole family can enjoy opening gifts together. 

DIY your best ally.

Try to do some of the decoration details yourself, it’s a good activity to do with children and you’ll give them much more value over the years. 

Christmas plant

Poinsettias are the Christmas plants par excellence. Remember that they are toxic for cats and dogs. If you have pets, try to put them in places that are accessible to them. 

Gifts as decoration.

One of the latest trends in Christmas decoration is to use gifts as another element of decoration. Obviously they don’t have to be real gifts, just wrap empty boxes with pretty gift paper and you’ve got it. 

Table decoration.

The table is the main meeting point these days and deserves special attention. Take advantage and put one or several centrepieces depending on the length of the table and put a mini detail on each plate, it will be an impressive table. 

Pay attention to details.

This is a good time to decorate small details that are usually overlooked: chair backs, napkins and napkin rings with Christmas motifs…

Candy that decorates.

A different idea to decorate the kitchen or the dining room is to put all the sweets you usually eat for Christmas in glass jars (you can add some decoration around) and thus get an original decoration taking advantage of things you already have at home. 

A very natural Christmas.

Using natural elements such as pineapples, dried plants and flowers, fresh or dehydrated fruit, sticks in different formats… give a very warm and original air to the typical Christmas decoration.

It also decorates the outside.

If you have a terrace or balcony, don’t forget to decorate the outside, always with elements of special materials for cold and rain. If you can not also decorate the windows with garlands or crowns, seen from outside create a very Christmas effect.

Do not forget any room.

You can choose to put most of the decoration in one room, the dining room is a good option, but you can also put small Christmas details in the other rooms such as the kitchen or bedrooms. This way the whole home will breathe a Christmas air but without having an overloaded feeling.

From Espigul Real Estate we hope that with these ideas you will have beautiful Christmas houses and that you will be able to enjoy this Christmas with the people you love the most. 

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