Sustainable buildings, the future of architecture

April 4, 2019

Sustainable buildings in response to the problem of climate change is one of the measures implemented in the Horizon 2020 initiative of the European Union to reduce energy consumption and boost ecological cities. But … what characterizes a sustainable building?

What is a sustainable building?

Sustainability in a building is nourished by the specific natural resources of the area in which it is located, thus reducing the impact it has on the environment. The characteristics of these constructions for green cities are the low consumption of energy using techniques and the use of renewable energies, the saving of resources, the reduction in costs, the help of regulations to promote these projects and the low impact on the environment.

How is the real estate sector adapted?

After the economic crisis suffered, the real estate sector seems to be recovering. Both real estate companies and construction companies are betting on energy efficiency and sustainability for buildings and homes, as they have become one of the important issues in our society. Not only because of its repercussion, but also because many investors see an opportunity to acquire benefits. And is that sustainable buildings have become a very valuable asset and for which people are willing to pay.

In short, sustainability in buildings is the future, for ours and also for future generations.

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