How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a Custom Home in 2024?

January 25, 2024

construir una casa

When considering building a custom home, it is crucial to understand the options available and their associated costs. Next, we will make a detailed comparison of four types of houses: prefabricated, modern architecture, rustic and ecological.

Comparison of House Types: Prefabricated, Modern, Rustic and Ecological

Prefabricated houses:

  • Price: Construction prices for prefab homes vary significantly. They start from 700 EUR/m² and can reach more than 1,000 EUR/m², depending on the materials and other specifications.
    • Pros: Fast construction, custom options and potential cost savings.
  • Cons: Limitations in custom design, some may be perceived as less durable compared to traditional constructions.

Houses of Modern Architecture:

  • Price: A benchmark is the price of a modern construction house, which is 112,000 euros (VAT included) for about 85 square meters.
  • Pros: Contemporary design, energy efficiency and customization options.
  • Cons: Possibly higher upfront costs, depending on design and materials.

Rustic houses:

    • Price: The average construction price for rustic houses is around 150,000 euros for a house of 100 square meters.
    • Pros: Traditional charm, natural materials and a cozy feel.
    • Cons: Possible maintenance challenges due to the nature of the materials.

Ecological houses:

    • Price: The average construction price for ecological houses is around 150,000 euros for houses of 80 square meters.
    • Pros: Sustainability, energy efficiency and focus on environmentally friendly materials.
    • Cons: Possibly higher upfront costs, depending on the green technologies incorporated.

The comparison provides an overview to help readers make informed decisions when building the house as they have always dreamed.

High value considerations of the Espígul Houses:

  • Construction Time: Prefabricated houses usually have a faster construction time compared to traditional constructions.
  • Customization: Modern and prefabricated architecture houses offer significant customization options, while rustic and eco-friendly ones can focus on sustainability and traditional design.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern, green homes tend to excel in energy efficiency, providing long-term savings in energy costs.
  • Materials Used: Each type of house uses specific materials, from wood in rustic to eco-efficient technologies in ecological.

Ultimately, the choice between Cases Espígul typology, custom built homes, will depend on individual preferences, budget and specific needs.

If you want to see the selection of Cases Espígul so you can choose which one can be your future home.

Casa Farigola:  

 This house from 160.000 € will allow you to enjoy your home with controlled costs and as always, prioritizing the insulation and energy savings that all this entails. It has 100 m² total and includes 3/4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Casa Romaní:

It is the flagship brand of the house and the best selling model from 250.000 €. If you want your future home to have large spaces, natural openings with lots of light and high quality finishes, this is your home. It has 160 m² housing, 35 m² double garage and 200 m² total, 3/4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Casa Calendula:   

Another level for those looking for more than just a conventional home. This house with 200 m² housing, 100 m² underground with garage, 300 m² total, 4-5 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms and is available from 350.000€.

Casa Lavand:   

You can’t leave the article without hearing about our premium line. The jewel in the crown and the best seller of PGA Catalunya Resort, villas where you can enjoy a paradisiacal environment. A house adapted to your needs, with surfaces exceeding 400 m² and 100% customizable.

You can write to to receive more information about Casas Espígul and know in which towns and areas it could take place.

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