Why is now the best time to reform your home?

September 22, 2020

f you have finally decided to make reforms and change everything that doesn’t convince you about your house… read on! We tell you everything you need to know before reforming it and 5 tips to be able to reform your home without surprises.

Everything you need to know before reforming your home

Before embarking on any reform you should be clear about your needs so that you know whether it is a complete or partial reform. Factors such as availability, budget, permits and, of course, the company in charge of carrying out the reform.

At Espígul we are dedicated to the real estate sector but also to promotion and construction. We are specialists in integral and partial reforms and rehabilitations in all types of homes and premises. If you want your renovation to be a guaranteed success, you should look for a reliable company that advises you, works with the best brands on the market and accompanies you throughout the process.

5 tips to reform your house without surprises

During a renovation you have to adapt for a period of time to this new “normality”, and although it usually does not last long, it is not very comfortable either. Having everything well planned is the most important factor in making the renovation a success. 

1. Be clear about your needs. 

Know your real needs. This is the first step to make sure everything goes smoothly. Be clear about which areas of your home need to be changed and for what purpose. For example, change the bathroom floor to be able to put in the integrated heating. This way we can make sure that we prioritise what we need most and do not divert attention from reforming other aspects of the house.

2. Let your imagination run wild (with judgment!). 

Spending hours and hours at Pinterest looking for ideas for your dream home is useful to have a reference to work on and decide what style you want to reform your house with. It’s OK to look for inspiration on the Internet and magazines but you should know the limitations of your home. You should also consider that depending on what materials or techniques you choose can increase the price of reform. 

3. Save some of the budget for contingencies

Everything is always expected to go well, but sometimes during a construction project, some unforeseen event can make the cost of the reform more expensive. We must be prepared to deal with whatever may arise.

4. An all-inclusive company

It is important to be able to count on a company that advises you throughout the process and can give you the best result. Relying on a company that has all the resources to carry out the reform saves you time consulting a thousand different professional quotes, and they are also very efficient if any problem arises.

5.Take into account all the procedures

Depending on the type of reform you carry out, you may need a licence and must ask permission from your local council to carry out the work.

It is also advisable to inform the neighbours so that they are aware of the situation and no misunderstandings can arise.

At Constructora Espigul we have 30 years of experience in the construction sector and our projects are tailor-made with a comprehensive service. Don’t think twice, the house of your dreams is only a short walk away!

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