What is Maximalisme: the decorative style that all adds up

July 27, 2023

decoración maximalista

Perhaps we could say that in the world of design and decoration, there are two clearly opposing approaches and philosophies: maximalism and minimalism.

You’ve probably heard of minimalism and know that it embraces simplicity and the absence of ornaments. On the other hand, maximalism focuses on exuberance, eclecticism, and an abundance of elements. In this article, we will explore what maximalism is and focus on the distinctive characteristics of maximalist decoration.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is a daring style that celebrates abundance and diversity. It is characterized by the combination of multiple colors, patterns, and textures, creating a visually rich and stimulating environment. Unlike minimalism, maximalism allows for the accumulation of objects and decorative elements, reflecting the individual’s personality and interests.

Characteristics of Maximalist Decoration:

After explaining the definition of maximalism, we will focus on detailing the main characteristics of maximalist decoration.

  • Explosion of color: Color is an essential element in maximalist decoration. It opts for a vibrant and diverse palette, combining bold tones with softer shades. Colors are used on both walls and furniture and accessories, generating an impressive visual impact.

  • Bold patterns: The use of patterns plays a crucial role in the maximalist style. From geometric prints to florals, stripes, and ethnic designs, all can coexist harmoniously in the same space. The key is to find a visual connection between them so that the result is cohesive and not chaotic.

  • Diverse textures and materials: Maximalism embraces a variety of textures and materials. In a maximalist environment, you can find luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk, and leather, combined with more rustic elements like wood, metal, and ceramics. This amalgamation of textures adds visual and tactile interest to space.

  • Collections and decorative objects: Unlike minimalism, where simplicity is the norm, maximalism encourages the display of collections and decorative objects. From artwork to antiques, travel souvenirs, and personal mementos, all these elements find their place in a maximalist space.

  • Eclectic style: Maximalist decoration has the ability to merge different styles and eras, creating an eclectic and personality-filled ambiance. The key to achieving this is to find a common thread that links all the pieces and styles together.

  • Spaces with life: Maximalism seeks to create cozy and vibrant environments. Through the use of plants, flowers, and natural elements, freshness and dynamism are added to space.

Maximalism and minimalism represent two extremes in the world of decoration, each with its own charm and distinctive features. While minimalism embraces simplicity and elegance, maximalism stands out for its bold and vibrant character.

If you are looking for a decoration that reflects your personality, celebrates abundance, and allows you to experiment with colors and patterns, maximalist style could be the perfect choice for you.

Remember that there are no strict rules in decoration; the most important thing is to create a space that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

So dare to be maximalist and let your creativity soar!

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