Top most requested reforms during the pandemic

February 17, 2021

You may have thought about making some changes or even reforms to be able to combine this “new normality” as comfortably as possible. In this post we talk about the most requested reforms due to the pandemic.

1. Renovating outdoor spaces

This is probably the most requested point, as never before has so much importance been given to outdoor spaces (balconies, terraces, gardens…) in the home. The fact that we have been cooped up indoors for almost 3 months means that these spaces have gone from being secondary to becoming the true protagonists of our homes.

Outdoor spaces become more alive than ever and are transformed into small oases in the middle of the routine. Being able to go out and enjoy the sunshine or breathe fresh air is very much appreciated when you have to stay cooped up indoors for a long time. 

If you are thinking of moving house, either buying or renting, and you are looking for a new home with outdoor spaces to enjoy, in Espígul Real Estate we have a wide variety of properties in Girona and surroundings so you can find what you are looking for. 

2. Home office

Another of the circumstances we have encountered during confinement is having to work from home. Many homes did not have a room designed to be used as an office or home office and as a result other rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom …. have had to be fitted out for this purpose.

To cover this new need created by teleworking, it is advisable to adapt an area of your home. If possible, a room or area separate from the rest, with good lighting and temperature to ensure good comfort while working. 

You should also take into account more technical aspects such as having enough sockets for your computer and other electronic devices and a good WIFI signal or Internet connection. There should also be enough storage space to keep everything tidy.

3. New functionalities for traditional rooms

Suddenly the dining room is transformed into a gym, the kitchen into a new office and the bedroom is no longer just for sleeping, but also becomes a large games room. Faced with this new situation, we had to adapt and so did the rooms in our homes.

There are families who probably want to keep these new habits that we have been forced to do, but at the same time they have surely been a great discovery. The key to diversify the functionalities of the rooms is that the secondary activity can be carried out with materials that do not take up much space and are easy to store in order to maintain the initial appearance of the room without much effort.

4. Saving energy

Another of the factors that we have been affected by spending so much time at home is the consumption of utilities. In many cases, water, gas and electricity bills are probably going to rise considerably.

It is a good time to make a change and opt for appliances that reduce energy consumption and help to save and also contribute to a lower environmental impact.

A plus: cleanliness comes to the fore

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be more cautious and prioritise cleanliness. Many people have created a routine to keep the house as clean as possible and prevent contagion.

At Inmobiliaria Espígul, we are not only dedicated to buying and renting properties. We also have a team that is responsible for the construction and interior design of our new build properties and we offer the service of small reforms, or comprehensive reforms so that you get the home that suits your needs.

If you want to reform your home you can contact us at or call us on 972 220 110.

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