Tips for renting flats to students

August 30, 2018

The rent of a flat for students must follow certain rules that every owner must know to avoid undesirable shocks and ensure payment. The rent is a very valid option to obtain a greater profitability and although the release of the apartment will be more or less fast, there are certain risks that you should know.

Rental recommendations.
Before renting a flat for students, consider:

Choose the tenants. Keep interviews with students who want to be at home and, if possible, with their parents. Explain the rules of the house well and receive your commitment.

Rent the entire apartment. It is suggested that you do not rent the apartment by rooms, but rather everything completely. Thus, the responsibility for payment is not divided and is joint and several. If there is someone who does not pay, they can be arranged together and the problem is not yours.

Equipped floors. The rent of these apartments is much better if they are perfectly equipped. Put furniture that really works and is beautiful. In that way it will be rented faster.

Request bail from tenants. Setting a bond that covers defects in the house is important. The amount can be two months of lease. The parents must also sign the joint liability contracts to pay the rent and there must be guarantees.

Written contract and inventory. It is important to sign a contract and, in it, make an inventory of what is in the house to cover your back to any problem.

For the rent of apartments to students you can support yourself in established and experienced companies, such as Espígul real estate. Real estate agents can lend a hand for all processes, selection and even collection.

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