Tips for rent your house in summer

August 2, 2018

Summer is coming, vacation time. Many tourists have chosen the holiday rental for a few years, leaving behind the typical hotels. At real estate Espígul we know that this has allowed many people to take the step and rent their house or second home to these potential guests. But what should we do to make the most of the possibilities of our home and promote it?

Tips for renting the house in summer

The best time to put your ad is at the beginning of the year, more or less in February. Although we know that it is common to book at the last minute, it is always good to have an attractive advertisement as soon as possible.

It is also the time to undertake the necessary improvements and arrive on time in summer without stress. Make sure that guests have air conditioning when they arrive, as well as appliances in good condition. The double-glazed windows are a good point, especially if the house is in a leisure area.

Renting a house in summer to a stranger always arouses insecurities, so you should be as transparent as possible when communicating with your potential clients. Be always sincere so as not to generate bad publicity around your home and ensure that everything is in order according to the law of your autonomous community.

Basic needs

  • It is important that the house is presentable and gives a feeling of well-being and security. This is achieved, for example, by giving it a cozy but impersonal decoration. This way you make sure that the client does not feel like an intruder who is living in someone else’s house.
  • All the furniture must be in good condition and fulfill the basic functions necessary for a good stay. It may seem trivial, but there must be large closets and a comfortable place to eat and rest. Also, cleaning helps a lot to make you feel at home.
  • And let’s not forget one of the essential elements in the times: wifi. A house with wifi climbs many points in the ranking of a person who is looking for apartments for summer.

A good ad

It is essential to have a good ad that draws attention and differs from others. In your ad you need a description that directly addresses your guests naturally.

If it helps you, make a draft, always keeping in mind that the title is everything, since it is the first thing you will see. And, as much as you want to relate all the benefits of the house so that people rent it immediately, remember that the ornate scares. Be concise.

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