Tiny Houses arrive in Catalonia, a new way of life

February 10, 2022

  • Where does the concept of “tiny house” come from?

This concept arises around 2016, with the crisis in the U.S. and the difficulty of getting mortgages, since in the U.S. houses are very large and so are the costs. To get one, a high investment is necessary, and often young people do not have the salaries or the conditions to afford it. The trend, therefore, was linked to two ideas. On the one hand, the fact of not buying a house that you cannot afford. And, on the other hand, to the emergence of a movement associated with the idea of those who advocate living with what is necessary, with less. This is done in response to a more sustainable way of life that uses and cares about resources, thinking about the future and the planet.

In recent years, this trend has become irresistible and this philosophy of life is growing day by day. It created a new concept of “the good life” that implies living with less mortgage cost in a design house, using less heating, appliances, maintenance… And everything wherever you want: forests, rivers, beaches, etc.

  • Why live in a tiny house?

Tiny houses have the innate goal of minimizing your possessions as well as helping the environment. According to this philosophy, letting go of material things and living a minimalist life allows you to enjoy an overwhelming freedom.

It is more energy efficient due to its smaller footprint. This reduces the cost of heating, air conditioning, water and electricity. Helping to consume resources responsibly. Many of these homes are equipped with solar panels to provide energy. They also often have a rainwater harvesting system to take advantage of rainfall.

Sustainability is one of the key pillars on which this movement is based. In times of global environmental crisis, we should all do everything we can to reduce consumption and emissions.

Another relevant advantage is to bring small buildings to more open spaces. Small plots of land where life is surrounded by nature. Tiny houses can be in natural and open spaces, in the countryside or in the mountains, on the outskirts of cities… The possibilities are endless. Moreover, nowadays, living in a tiny house is almost a must when you want to live in the center of town. Therefore, it is a timely solution, an improvement and one with which we are already familiar.

If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle and opt for a custom home, remember that in Espígul we can help you. Our construction company has land, both for purchase and rental, where you can build sustainable and efficient housing models in an accessible way. With the land finished you could already move forward with your project!.

  • When do tiny houses measure?

One of the challenges of a tiny house is making use of storage space. Generally, these chests are used for single or couple living. That’s why it can be a vital option for young people, for couples without children or for those who, once their children leave home, want a different lifestyle.

The lack of square meters, since these houses do not usually exceed 50 square meters, encourages the decoration of a small house fed with furniture that can be opened and closed according to the use that will be given. Unnecessary spaces disappear and the distribution is completely organized to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Some of the recommended proposals for reorganizing the space in the tiny house are the following:

– Between the front of the kitchen furniture and a dining table at least 90 cm so that there is enough space to move even if someone is seated.

– Between the kitchen and a bar that makes the limit with the other side, 70 cm is enough. Enough to open the door for furniture and appliances.

– And, between the kitchen and a sofa, it is advisable to keep about 80-90 cm to move comfortably and not stain the upholstery. Also, in this case, the greater the distance, the better for kitchen odours.

A tiny house of 9.2 m long by 2.5 m wide is usually around 55,000 €, but there are some from 30,000 €. We can say that its price varies depending on the choice of materials, the construction technique as well as the level of customization. Therefore, a tiny house can cost from 15,000 € being self-built to 90,000 € for a more customized model.

In Espígul we work in the construction and refurbishment sector, and we have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and construction sector. We can help you if you are thinking of obtaining a plot of land and bet on the tiny house or any type of custom construction!

If you want more information about our services, contact us at hola@espigul.com or call us at 972 220 110.

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