The decoration trends of spring 2020

April 23, 2020

Spring is the favorite season for many people. Specifically, March 20 is the date indicated that indicates the first day of this season. Temperatures rise a little and plants and trees begin to flourish. You could almost say that it is the favorite because nature is seen in all its splendor.

But it seems that this year 2020 we have not seen spring yet. It is even poetic to look out the house window at the sun rays, the flowers and the bright colors that flood the streets.

Therefore, we have to move the exterior to the interior and, spring inside the house. In this way, you will liven up your days and also give your spaces personality. It is about decorating the house with a spring touch.

Then we will show you the most relevant trends of this spring 2020.

  • The classic Blue could not be missing in the spring. We must honor the season of colors by providing bright tones in the home. If you are interested in how to introduce the decoration the Pantone color of this 2020 we suggest you read this post.
  • Natural fibers are one of the preferred options in 2020. Introduce furniture or decoration accessories made of materials such as wicker or bamboo. They are perfect to give it that special personality that characterizes spring and, at the same time, respect the environment.
  • We can enrich this environment by placing indoor plants or vegetable prints. For example, prints can be applied to sheets, cushions, and / or curtains. These will make the house fill with color and joy.

Finally, in Espígul we hope you are well and at home at ease. Surely with these 3 trends you can revitalize your spaces and adapt the home to spring to enjoy it. Do you think the trend has changed a lot compared to last year? Discover it here!

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