Tailor-made houses vs modular houses: which one to choose according to your needs

September 19, 2020

Modular houses or custom-made houses: differences

Modular or prefabricated houses are famous for becoming fashionable in recent years. We want it all quickly and for yesterday, and this type of housing is a good option. Modular houses are characterized by being manufactured in modules (they can be made of different materials such as wood, steel or concrete) and then transported to the place where the house is built.

A custom-made house, on the other hand, is built directly on the site and is characterized by being able to adapt its design to the environment and to customize all its finishes to your taste.

Modular homes or custom homes: Advantages and disadvantages

Modular or prefabricated houses 

The main advantages of a prefabricated house are the saving of construction time and less environmental impact during the manufacturing process, since they are built “under cover”, minimizing the waste generated during construction.

The main disadvantage of these types of homes is having to settle for a pre-established design that may not be 100% suited to your taste or needs. 

Tailor-made houses

Customized houses have many advantages. They can be cheaper than a modular house because they do not take into account the environment factor, and this can raise the final price. Personalization is the key factor of a custom home, being able to choose every last detail. 

The main disadvantage is time. A tailor-made house usually takes longer to build. 

Espígul Home: Your home made to measure

The concept of Espígul Home is very easy; efficient, sustainable and tailor-made houses. At Espígul we work every day to build the house of your dreams in a totally personalised way. These are all the advantages of a Espígu Homel.

Your custom home in only 8 months

One of the main arguments for buying a modular home rather than building a custom home is time. It is true that modular houses are usually available in less time than a new build house as long as you adapt to the standard prefabricated design.

We, on the other hand, build your dream house in record time. In only 8 months you can have your new and 100% personalized house. 

Energy saving

One of the factors we take most into account when building your custom home is energy saving. Our goal is to take care of the environment, while taking into account the indoor climate comfort, thus achieving a house with energy savings.

We achieve this using the method of passive houses or passivhaus which is based on adapting the design of the house to the environment and climate where it is located.

Efficient architecture

All our custom homes meet the following requirements:

  • Minimalist lines
  • Indoor climate comfort
  • Large windows
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Luminous spaces
  • Adaptation to the environment

Each space or plot of land is unique, so all homes cannot be the same. Each house has to be adapted to its environment in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Optimizing resources is the key to achieving this.

100% customizable

For us, this is one of the greatest advantages of building a tailor-made house. Being able to customize every last detail because the house is by and for you. At Espígul we have an interior design service to help you express your personality and needs in your home.

The real luxury is being able to make a home adapted to your tastes: flooring, tiles, furniture, taps, lighting, paint… among many other elements. Get a unique home with cosy spaces.

In short, Espígul Houses are a very good option for those who are very clear about what they want in their home and want a professional to take care of all the worries and accompany them throughout the process of building the house of their dreams.

If you are thinking of building a tailor-made house in Girona or the surrounding area, don’t think twice and ask us for more information. Espígul, your trusted real estate agency to find the home you are looking for. 

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