Sustainable construction is present in our Espígul Houses and apartment promotions

October 11, 2023


Sustainable construction has become an essential aspect in the building sector. It not only contributes to the care of the environment, but also offers economic and social benefits. In this article, we will tell you the key aspects of sustainable and efficient construction focusing on how a home and apartment builder can embrace this philosophy.

The main objective of sustainable construction is to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment. Mainly, it focuses on promoting responsible and efficient practices in the use of resources and materials used to build. Energy efficiency also comes into play, because if we build sustainably we make our homes more energy efficient.

What characteristics should sustainable construction have?

  • Optimization of solar orientation: Maximize the use of solar energy and natural light through an adequate orientation of the house in relation to the solar cycle.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable sources: Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources are crucial to reduce environmental impact and long-term costs.
  • Green and local materials: The choice of green and proximity building materials contributes to sustainability and reduces carbon footprint.
  • Economic viability: It is essential that sustainable construction projects are economically profitable.

Now you know what is sustainable construction and that refers to the practice of designing, building and maintaining buildings using techniques that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. 

So we just need to specify the list of common sustainable materials most used in sustainable construction:

    • ​​Certified Wood: Wood from certified forests ensures that it comes from sustainable and well-managed sources.
    • Recycled Materials: Using recycled materials such as glass, metal, plastic and recycled wood reduces the demand for natural resources.
    • Ecological Insulation: Materials such as sheep wool, hemp, and recycled cellulose are sustainable options for thermal insulation.
    • Low Carbon Footprint Concrete: Concrete forms are being developed that require less energy to produce, reducing the carbon emissions associated with their manufacture.
    • Ecological Paints and Coatings: Water-based paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are best for indoor air quality.
    • Solar Tiles: Combines the roof function with the ability to generate solar energy.
    • Renewable Energy Systems: Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal systems can make buildings more sustainable by using renewable energy.
    • Efficient Lighting: Use LED lighting and lighting control systems to reduce energy consumption.
    • Sustainable landscaping: Choosing drought-resistant native plants can reduce the need for irrigation and intensive maintenance.
    • Waste Management Systems: Implement waste sorting and recycling systems for construction and demolition.
    • Automation Technology: Implement automation systems for energy management, heating, cooling and other aspects of the home to optimize energy consumption.

In Espígul we bet on sustainable materials and construction techniques, can reduce the environmental impact of buildings and promote more responsible practices in the construction industry.

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