Spring: change of decoration to modern and eclectic style

March 21, 2019

Spring comes and that means that the days get longer, start to make better time, the fields fill with color … so it is usual to want to adapt our home to this new season and give it a more lively and fresh look.

To start with the change, first remove all those elements that remind you of winter, such as thick carpets, dark cushion covers, if you have candles changed by more colorful ones, remove blankets from beds and sofas, etc.

Spring decoration trends

This season there are two trends that are going strong. Two styles of decoration totally different but that give a much more springlike atmosphere to the home.

On the one hand, maximalism and the importance of color return. They have been left behind the houses where the minimalist and Nordic style predominates where white predominates. This new trend is full of textures, colors, shapes and sophisticated finishes … they follow the maxim of “more is more”.

On the other hand, natural style is triumphing. Materials such as wood, raffia and natural fibers all mixed with beige, brown and white tones. If you like this style, the key is to incorporate objects like [vases, carpets, pots, chairs.] Made of these materials and complementing the decoration with plants (natural or artificial).

Tips for an express spring decoration change

  • Incorporate fresh flowers into your decoration. A small detail that gives vitality and color to the room.
  • Solar lighting: take advantage of the sunny hours and put a garland of solar lights to decorate your terrace / balcony.
  • You can completely renew the style of a room by adding colorful wallpaper or tropical patterns on one of the walls.

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