Some basic but useful tips for buying an old House

September 20, 2018

In the real estate sector, buying old homes can be a great synonym for investment. But if you are a private individual and have no experience in this area, you may notice only the price, which is usually lower than new homes and forget some important factors when choosing the home you want to buy.

From espígul real estate we think that these tips can be very useful for you, which we detail below.

Basic tips for buying an old house.

The first thing to keep in mind is if you have an elevator. In old floors it is very frequent to find ourselves with the handicap of having to walk up the stairs. If you have the option to buy it with the comfort of the elevator, it will revalue the value of your house.

The midday orientation is the best. This will make the sun go in and always have a pleasant temperature. In the north facing apartments, the cost of heating is usually very high because they can not take advantage of almost the sun’s rays.

The state of the facilities, ceilings and walls we must also value it and have a part of the budget of expenses to make some necessary reform.

You should check that near the house there are services for every day needs such as bakeries, pharmacies or grocery stores. Also that public transport is well combined with the neighborhood where the house is.

If there are old furniture on the floor, take advantage of them to give them a personal touch and turn your new home into a real cozy rustic space.

These tips for buying old homes are only the first basis for you to decide on the best purchase option. Do not forget to ensure that your purchasing power is sufficient to be able to pay all the writing expenses and be able to apply for a mortgage in case you need to pay with credit.

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