September: New resolutions an cleaning habits

September 9, 2021

Cleaning is essential to have a harmonious home. Getting used to carrying out small daily tasks allows you to avoid accumulating all the work and having to spend the weekend cleaning. In today’s post we want to share some tips and new cleaning habits so that you can be better organised and enjoy more of your free time.

Create a cleaning routine

Incorporating a cleaning routine into your life allows you to have a cleaner home and enjoy more of your free time. There are no miracles and you have to dedicate a little time each day to this routine, but it will save you from having to dedicate a whole day exclusively to cleaning. 

Evening routine: the key to getting everything tidied up is to leave everything tidy before going to bed. For example, arranging the cushions, the blankets on the sofa and putting the shoes in their place are small details to keep things tidy.

Morning routine: before leaving the house, always make your bed. It’s a small gesture that costs nothing, but it totally changes the perception you have of a room.

Make a list of essential cleaning tasks. Think about and write down the cleaning tasks you think are necessary each week, room by room. Now go through the list you have made and divide the tasks from Monday to Friday. Try not to take up more than 15 minutes a day. 

Tips for a clean house

  • Follow a cleaning circuit. Start from back to front in a room and from top to bottom on furniture. Otherwise, when you go over the top you will dirty the areas you have already cleaned.

  • Always start with the most difficult. This will give you the feeling that what you have left to clean is much easier.

  • Simplify your cleaning products. Quality is always better than quantity. Try to use one product to clean more than one area or room.

  • Adding a robot hoover will help you to keep your floor spotless.

  • One day a week, turn on the washing machine for white clothes and another day the washing machine for coloured or dark shades of clothes, so that you don’t accumulate a mountain of dirty clothes in the basket. Remember to switch on the washing machine during off-peak hours to save on your electricity bill. If you want to know more, don’t miss this post

How can we include children in these habits?

Getting children involved and participating in the cleaning and tidiness of the home is very important. Creating a cleaning routine or getting them to start in their own room will help them adopt these habits.

The one in, one out rule.

It is common that after a few years a child accumulates a lot of toys and objects. The one in, one out rule is based on the fact that you can only get a new object if you first get rid of another one (it can be the oldest or the one he/she likes the least). This rule allows the child to adopt the habit of not accumulating objects and to maintain order.

Have storage available

Storage is fundamental for a tidy home. If children have accessories in their room that allow them to keep everything in order, it will help them to carry out this task without so much effort.

Inmobiliaria Espígul is your trusted real estate agent in Girona, we look after the wellbeing of our clients and their homes. We hope that by following these tips you can achieve a good cleaning routine for your home and also enjoy your free time much more. 

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