Renovate your home and increase the value of your property

November 25, 2020

Whatever your option is, at Espígul Real Estate we take care of making small renovations or complete refurbishments so that your home achieves its maximum potential and looks its best, achieving added value to the market.

In today’s post we want to talk to you about everything that makes the value of a home increase and everything that you can improve or change to achieve this added value in your home.


Calculating the value of a house is not easy, many factors must be taken into account. This step is very important if your objective is to sell or rent your house or flat. Knowing what price it has on the market allows you to know if you are getting the most out of your property.  

We recommend that before you start with the reforms to improve your home you should take into account

  • Look at other properties that have a good market value. This way you will have a reference to reform those aspects that are far from the standard.
  • Rely on external people who can guide you objectively. Many times we mix feelings and are not completely objective in assessing the defects of our homes.

What elements make your house lose value?

  • Factors external to the home: such as the area where it is located, the size of the flat, the age of the building or whether or not it has a lift. All these factors must also be taken into account when calculating the value of the property, even if nothing can be done about it.
  • Homes with little used space, with few rooms or few bathrooms.
  • Houses with very extravagant decorations, such as rooms painted in very different and striking colours.


Take care of the interior but also the exterior

If your property is a house, try to take care of the outside as well as the inside. This is the first impression that potential buyers get. Take into account the façade, the entrance door, the garden…

Renovate the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the spaces in the house that are most outdated. If you have to give preference to reforming a room, choose these. They are also the rooms that increase the value of the property the most and in which the buyers are most interested.

One coat of paint

With the passage of time the walls are one of the elements that deteriorate the most. It is advisable to give a good coat of paint to give a renewed appearance. Remember to always do it in neutral tones.

Check small details

Keep an eye on all those broken household items and replace them with new ones. Check for leaks, scratches on furniture, blown-out bulbs…

If you want a plus, home automation is your option

Last week we talked to you about the advantages of home automation. If you are thinking of reforming your home and want to give it added value, technology is your great ally. 

At Espígul we are a real estate agency with added value and we want your home to have it too. We are a construction company and we have the best team to advise you and together achieve the house of your dreams.

If you have any questions about renovating your home, please contact us at or call us on 972 220 110.

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