Promotion of new build flats Vila de Fornells

March 11, 2021

At Inmobiliaria Espígul we have solutions for everyone’s needs. If you are one of those people who like peace and quiet, but do not want to give up the city, the new development of Vila de Fornells new-build flats is a very good option.

The Vila de Fornells new-build flats are located in Fornells de la Selva, a town less than five minutes away from the city of Girona. It is ideal for those couples and families who:

> They want to change their home for a larger flat (minimum 2 bedrooms).

> They want to live near Girona.

> They want a flat with a terrace or balcony.

> They want a newly built flat with personalised finishes.

> They want a functional, comfortable and bright home.

> They want a home to enjoy with family and friends.

The Vila de Fornells new build flats are flats with 2 to 4 bedrooms, with equipped kitchen open to the dining room with the possibility of a terrace or balcony and parking included. There is the possibility of buying a ground floor, flat or penthouse, according to your preferences and needs. Each flat is unique and different. 

What are the advantages of living in Fornells de la Selva?

Fornells de la Selva is a municipality in Girona with 2,649 inhabitants. It is located less than five minutes from the city of Girona, which you can reach by car or by public transport. In Fornells de la Selva you can find:

– Local commerce: shops, supermarkets and weekly market every Sunday where you can do your shopping comfortably and promote local businesses.

– Fresh air and nature: Vila de Fornells flats are surrounded by nature and green areas, ideal to do sport easily and close to home.

– Public transport: Bus and train stops to make it easier to get around.

– Multi-purpose area with swimming pool: apart from the football pitch.

– Essential services: The village of Fornells has a Primary Care Centre and a pharmacy.

It is a town with everything you need to live and only 5 minutes from Girona!

What are the advantages of new build flats in Fornells?

  • Buying off plan. Buying a newly built flat off plan allows you to reduce costs by saving up to 15% of the initial purchase price. It also allows for greater financing flexibility, as you can pay in easy instalments during the construction process.

  • Room customisation. One of the best opportunities of buying a flat that is still under construction is the possibility of choosing the home that you like the most and that best suits your needs. It also allows you to personalise the project by choosing materials, decorative elements… to make it 100% to your liking.

The pandemic and confinement have taught us many things, among them, to value the space where we live. If you are thinking of making a change, if you live in the centre but prefer a quieter environment or if you want a flat with a terrace, this new development is a good option to consider.

If you would like more information about the Vila de Fornells development, you can contact us at or call us on 972 220 110 and we will explain all the details. 

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