New construction flats in Girona – Montilivi

100 m2

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We welcome you to this exceptional real estate proposal from Immobiliària Espígul, located in the charming city of Girona. This modern block of flats exemplifies excellence in construction with a touch of sustainability.

Each floor has been conceived with the latest in modern design and finished with high quality finishes that reflect a sophisticated lifestyle. 2, 3 and 4 bedroom options offer a wide range of space to suit individual and family needs. In addition, the block of flats highlights the commitment to sustainability, as it has a high energy rating, helping to reduce the ecological footprint and energy costs of the residents.

Immobiliaria Espígul, with its unquestionable reputation in the real estate world, is synonymous with quality and experience. With years of dedication to creating prestigious homes that combine design and functionality, the company prides itself on exceeding its clients’ expectations on every project.

Girona, with its rich history and picturesque charm, provides a perfect setting for this residential complex. From cobbled streets to its famous cathedral and river scene, the city offers a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

In short, this block of flats in Girona, promoted by Immobiliària Espígul, is an opportunity to live at the intersection of modernity and sustainability. Well-designed apartments, along with an emphasis on quality and environmental awareness, reflect the dedication to providing exceptional housing and elevated living.

  • Builder Immobiliària Espígul
  • Garage
  • Store room
  • Garden

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