New construction flats in Girona – Francesc Rogés 7

80 m2

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🏢 Pisos Francesc Rogés, Girona: Modernity and Efficiency in the Heart of the City 🌆

We welcome you to Pisos Francesc Rogés, an exclusive development of 16 modern, minimalist and highly efficient homes, built with the utmost dedication by Immobiliària Espígul. Located in the heart of Girona, this proposal redefines the concept of living in the heart of the city with style and sustainability.

🏙️ Urban and Contemporary Home Each floor in Francesc Rogés is an ode to modernity and efficiency. With their impeccable finishes and clean lines, these homes perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics. Here, urban life blends harmoniously with modern comfort.

♻️ Commitment to Sustainability At Francesc Rogés, sustainability is a priority. These homes are equipped with the latest energy efficiency technologies, ensuring lower energy consumption and a smaller ecological footprint. With your new home, you will actively contribute to the conservation of the environment.

🏢 Immobiliaria Espígul: Quality and Experience Francesc Rogés is another example of the excellence of Immobiliaria Espígul in the construction of quality residences. With years of industry experience, our company is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

🌆 Girona: A Historical and Cultural Treasure Located in the heart of Catalonia, Girona is a city that captivates with its history, culture and architectural heritage. With its cobbled streets and its vitality, Girona offers an incomparable lifestyle. Here, tradition is combined with modernity in a unique setting.

Don’t miss the opportunity to settle in Pisos Francesc Rogés and experience the best of Girona. Contact us today to discover your new home in the heart of the city.

  • Builder Immobiliària Espígul
  • Garage
  • Store room

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